My E skate prototype build, enertion wheels,caliber trucks,own design mount

Just thought i would post this, my first e board, its a prototype and there will be some changes,like i’m going to change the board at some time to give me more space for the batteries and the the big ugly box on the underside will go. i had the motor mount made here in SW France by a local engineer,it fits straight on to the caliber trucks and has a grub screw for extra grip not that its needed as the mount cant move up and down.the setup is working fine for the moment and i’m still putting it through some tests. Heres some photos of it.

any comments would be welcome, i’m having a great time trying it out. by for now guys.

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How thick is the motor section of the Mount ??, what’s it made of ?

the section is about 3mm at the motor easily enough on this setup.its aluminum air craft grade.

I dont think 3mm Aluminum will be strong enough to prevent bending

its slightly flexible to allow for any discrepancy in the cog on the wheel and or the wheel allowing the belt to run freely so no tight spots when running.time will tell if its too thin but for the moment no problems have occurred.

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people have bent 6mm thick mounts, so I’d recommend going thicker, but nice build!

thanks for your info, i’m only using a 50mm motor not sure what rating i’d have to look it up,dont think theres a chance of it bending. i didnt have the choice of thicker alu as the shaft was not long enough , so maybe a good point when choosing a motor is the shaft length and diameter.We live and we learn as they say.

Looks good! If you want more space for the setup with this deck you could mount the trucks on the lips of the board like @RunPlayBack

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yes not a bad idea once i get those batteries flattened out. i think i’m going to make a board anyway and see how that goes.

i really like seeing people make their own mounts.

would you recommend the enertion wheels