My eboard theoraticle performance doesn't match reality!

Motor: sk3 213kv 6364 Esc: vesc Battery: 10s4p I can’t reach 25 km/h , can’t climb hills… On paper those specs should have taken me 25 km/h uphill… IDK what the problem is… Any suggestions?

More info please; Settings Pulley ratio Load on board Hill grade Favorite burger toppings…:wink:


I weight 90 kg, board weights 7 kg and the vesc restricts amp output to 47… I have ridden a different board with the same specs up 25% hill grade at 20 km/h and didn’t push the throttle to its limit

I don’t remember the gear ratio and right now the board isn’t near me but I’m sure its not the issue because the other board has the same ratio… I think it might be the vesc but don’t know what exactly

Just post Screenshots of your VESC settings.

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This is impossible, it must be wrong configuration / incompatible VESC hw fw. I had those incompatibility once, there is almost no power out put at all, especially on FOC mode.

Definitely the VESC settings go into the BLDC and change them using a tutorial video.

@monkey32 @laurnts @Northlake

Also provide photo of your VESC, battery, board, bms, etc. Because the VESC settings seems to be ok.

Just make some changes: Absolute max to 130A Minimum Input Volatge to 8V Maximum input voltage to 57V Battery cutoff start to 30V Battery cutoff end to 28V

And then please also post the other settings. What is your gearing (Motor pulley teeth/ wheel pulley teeth) Is the Battery charged. Does the battery voltage fit with the VESCs shown voltage in the realtime tab.

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My biggest fear is that if its using lipo, the lipo have been drained before (totally empty) to under 3.6v. So it practically can’t be used anymore.

Battery : 36V 10AH samsung 25R Battery is charged .

@Ackmaniac which settings to post?

Bldc, advanced and PPM tab.

I solved the problem. thanks ! Turns out to be a settings problem like you said