My electric longboard checklist

Hello everybody,

I’m a first time electric longboard builder and I’ve completed my checklist on all the things I’m thinking about buying. I would love your input on these items. here is the list:

battery: 2X in series




Charger + cables:



I have one question

Do i have to plug the xt60 connector in the charger together with the JST-XH connector? I hope not, because that would mean I would have to open up the board, take the xt60 connector out and put it in the charger. Instead of just plugging in the JST-XH connector that was already hanging out reading to put in the charger.

Thanks :relaxed:

The enclosure is 28mm deep, your batteries won’t fit, they’re 44mm thick. Make sure you keep that in mind.

You may want to go for a 3X or 4X 3S setup with these

Yes you do, but you can add another xt60 just for charging

I know, I forgot to ask if it was possible to take those lipo batteries appart and space them out. in parts of 2 so it would fit. I know how to soled and i dont think that would be verry difficult.

do you know if thats possible?

Well i wouldn’t recommend disassembling lipos unless you are very confident and know what you are doing. These things can bite pretty hard and scare the shit out of you.

Also take not that the deck is made out of carbon fiber, so it’s conductive. You need to make sure every thing is well isolated and protected

okay so i’m going for the 3x 3s batteries in series. how do you charge those?


is with 2 but how do you charge 3 lipo batteries in series

Well one easy answer is to charge them individually, but have to agree that is long and tedious.

Check out other lipo build threads, i don’t think there’s many 9-10s lipo charging options out there.

But i would config the batteries in a 9S setup and have an adaptative harness for the balance leads and find myself a 10S charger.

Are you from the US or Uk or AU?

Europe, the Netherlands

Oh ok makes sense then cause if you were in US then I would have recommended ordering from DIY best of luck with your build.