My electric longboard sk3/ focbox unity/ 12s2p

so I could not sell any of the pieces I had to buy a trap board and decided to continue with my longboard and put wheels of 6 or 8 inches I have 3 table options:

  • mbs all terrain longboard
  • jetspud
  • loaded kuth-taka Regarding wheels, I would like to have two mods all terrain and street. These are my options:
  • mbs all terrain longboard (for the street) (I live in Mexico the streets are poorly paved)
  • aliexpres 6x2 with printed pulleys
  • evolve all terrain conversion kit These are the parts that you have already bought:
  • sk3 6374 192kv dual
  • tb reverse motor mount
  • 44t pulleys for the mbs all terrain longboard wheels
  • mbs all terrain longboard deck
  • 13t pulley motor
  • torqueboards 218mm trucks (I plan to extend the hanger to 250mm to fit the two engines) (I have an acquaintance who works with aluminum)
  • focbox unity
  • 12s2p echo with turnby battery from hobyking (4x6s 3000mah 20c)
  • bms 60a So what pieces would you choose?

So right now you are just wondering about wheels? And you want to be able to switch between 2 different sets: one urethane, one pneumatic?

I’m not sure if you are going to be able to fit 8 inch wheels on a jet spud without having some really long hangars either. (that 250mm may work…I’m not 100% sure)

Each wheel set is going to need a different belt size btw.

yes one uretano one pneumatic mh meybe it can fit i dont know yes i know the evole pulleys are htd5m?

yes they are 5mm htd belts and pulleys. have a look at the mbs ats12 truck. they’re 400mm wide in total they’re enormous.

looks good but this trucks are 12mm I could do a clamp and use the tb reverse motor mounts?

yeah they are 12mm but you can work around that. id be getting @Idea 's motor mounts especially designed for that truck if you go for it

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or what board would you recommend me for what I want?

With that trucks you want a mountain board where both ends angled upwards or a stupidly crazy wedged riser which should then also work on other longboards.

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@Kug3lis makes angled risers for mountain board trucks on standard skate decks if I’m not mistaken.

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It works on mountainboard with skate trucks :smiley:

Yes this looks good but I’m poor

My bad got it the wrong way round.
@luis99945 Kugs is trying to make us all poor and him rich. Its the way he rolls.

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Jajaja yes I think

it works both ways*

Just for the thing I am only getting some parts for the sales :smiley: Also most of our stuff is on material cost and machine wear not much profit is on because cmon 230$ gear drive TB Dual motor kit cost that much :smiley:

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Yes your cost are good I ask for my friend about a trampaboard direct drive and he say me 450usd

I know theres nothing in it dude just pulling your chain.

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I have no chain :smiley:

ok lets stop offtopic :smiley:

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maybe I could manage to raise money for a comp 95 if I could sell my things

All good but you should know by now that I can derail any thread. Its how I roll. :sunglasses:

Jajaja I can not stop thinking about what to do with my construction and the focbox unity is coming