My electric Mountainboard, first build,V2


I’ve been reading a lot here but I never put any pictures of my build, so here it is! I think that I did a “not so expensive” compromise to have plenty of fun offroad. The board is quite heavy since I don’t have CNC or 3D printer, so everything is massive metal or wood…

Here is the list of the parts:

  • MBS comp 95 mountainboard
  • Flipsky dual VESC 6
  • Flipsky 6384 battle hardened motors
  • 9 Lipo batteries zippy compact 5,8 Ah 60C
  • Flite snowboard bindings
  • Mini remote


Fuck yea man. That’s bad ass. those boxes are dope as hell. I love wood in a very explicit way. The motor mounts are sweet. Dig the bindings. Working with what you have is always more rewarding than buying whatever you want bolting some shit together. Truly unique man. I can’t get over that box. Of my exes either. And you ride goofy. Team gooftroop for life


The woodwork is awesome.


Its cool to see people branching out. Trying new things. Awesome build.

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I cant help myself, I want to hang a rack of brontosaurus ribs off the side at the drive thru. And help push.

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