My electric mountainboard

has time and wanted to make me an electric skateboard but due to the budget and had to buy things in parts and I still do not have all the project consists of a mountain board trap with the following components motor: vesc: products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller anti spark loop key : bms: charger: battery 2s2p: motor mount: collections/electric-mountain-board-kits/products/torque-trampa-dual-motor-mount-kit mountainboard: Remote:

I think you want more battery or is that 12s2p

If that lists all you have ordered/have, you might also want to control that thing. So get a remote. Speaking of ready-made, “Nano” and Nano v2 seem to be popular. Browse the forum. And also a receiver for the remote :slight_smile:

Yea, that is 6S1P on the link. No idea how many of those OP ordered, so no comment.

I have 4 batteries of which I will put 2s 2p

i have a quantum remote

But what cell count are the individual batteries?

This are mi batteris


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6s1p (22.2v, 3000mAh) to make

Yes my complete battery are 12s 6000mah (24km aprox) 259.2w

see how you go bro, but that might be overoptimistic that you will get that far (24km) on pneumatic tires with a 12s 6000mAh pack… prob. use 25-35whr a km depending on how hard you ride. could be a bit less, but will be more than 11/12 whr for sure

So maybe it go15km

on flat ground if you are not very heavy and you don’t ride like Jenso (NoWind).

I wheight 75kg