My ESC seems to be in working order but doesn't

hey, I just replaced a motor i damaged and tried to hook it up to my ESC. I know the receiver is getting power and I am getting the beeps that notify everything is connected and ready however when I give throttle input the motor doesn’t spin. I know the transmitter and receiver are good because they are new as well and like I said the motor is new too so the only logical issue seems like it could be with the ESC, but it seems like its working. Am I doing something wrong? is there a way to fix this without buying a new ESC?

are your motor wires correctly plugged in? Swap them around a few times and see

can you upload pics? might make it easier

don’t the motor wires just change the way the motor runs?

i also managed to get the motor to stutter what does this mean?

Sometime if one of the motor wires are damaged the motor will stutter. Picture will be great. Disassemble the motor and see the 3 wires inside are damaged or not. I had that problem in the past too.

Also check if the transmitter is calibrated. Sometimes if my transmitter is not calibrated right my esc and motor will not work too.