My esk8 price evaluation

Hi, Latelly I’ve came to conclusion that pushing is more my thing and I want to sell my electric longboard to buy regular one (I know it breaks your heart). Therefore I need your help to valuate it. components: -Sector9 bamboo deck -2xMaytech 95mm hubmotors with Hall Sensors (1600 Watt total) -ALIEN 120A 2-12S V4 FACTORY ESC HV TWIN ( -4x Turnigy LiPo batteries (5Ah each, 44V total) -anti spark switch -red rear lights and white front lights -carbon fiber and glass fiber enclosure (DIY) -Imax b6 ac v2 charger -Alien Power Systems remote 06972d46388be88eaed310c039f1fbb3b30669b5_2_1035x582 33435260_1634810876637592_841769021140369408_n

I’ll start the bidding at $1 :sunglasses:

$2.50 hehehe I’m going to win

you dont, 3$

$3.01 hehehe @directC

Well, I’ll sell it locally so unless you’re from Poland don’t bother me, I asked for valuation :stuck_out_tongue:


$3.011 :sunglasses:

switzerland, i could come get it

dont make me

tree fiddy

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Hehe tree fiddy one


3.52$ 10chrr

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a used xbox controller?

surely thats worth more than 3.52 :stuck_out_tongue:

here comes @Mich21050 to outclass us mericans with his euros :rofl:

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What about a diyeboard truck?

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depends on the controller you mean an original one?


wired 360. Its unbreakable, I can verify :rofl:

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I offer 4€

@anon64938381 :joy:

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so… we’re at 20$? or what’s it worth


LOL something around that

then i bid 21$

$22 final offer… including shipping