My esk8 video is getting only dislikes on YouTube 😂 hahaha

I posted this video to YouTube showing my wife and I ride my new DIY board around in a parking lot and the only thing it’s gotten so far is two thumbs down and comments saying boosted boards are better :joy: The best part about it is that I never claimed in the title or the description that it’s better than any other board out there! Haha just thought people here may get a laugh at these fools :slight_smile:


Just logged into my yt account to like your vid! :grin: :joy: :innocent: Simply ignore the trolls, don’t waste your time arguing with them…


yeah, fully agree @goldenHusky - ignore them. You are having a blast with your wife riding your own deck. Don’t get upset by such trolls. You’ll always find people in life that will try to bring you down. Don’t listen to them, move forward and smile.


Those comments are hilarious!!!

I agree though. Boosted boards are better than yours. Your board doesn’t even have a name. If you have a Boosted board, you can use a sharpie and black out the “sted” so your board just says “BOO”. Try that with your board whatever you call it. Real skaters know what’s up and obviously you don’t.

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I’ve done many eskate-YT-vids and you get dislikes and stupid comments no matter what, thats’ how YT works, just ignore them. Your video or your build is not rated by likes/dislikes of random people.

The latest comment I got was “What can this price of crap fly yeah lmfao” I don’t even understand what he was trying to say… Maybe we should start a thread collecting stupid YT-comments like this.


I wound challenge them to any kind of contest with your longer range, faster, and more powerful board

I gave you a thumbs up. And dude, you married up :slight_smile:.

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Could be that boosted REDDIT “JANE” supporter hehe

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Chimed in also :smiley:

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Don’t forget to bring an extra helmet :+1:

Doesn’t every guy “marry up”?

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Everyone besides me :joy:

You got my :+1:

Don’t worry, you got my like and I helped to destroy his arguments :wink:

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Liked on 3 accounts lol You guys look awesome riding that board. I need to get my wife to ride my board. She is not very coordinated. :expressionless:

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Definitely won’t next time thanks!

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I jumped back on the forum and looked at the youtube video after my class and couldn’t believe all the DIY eboard support! hahaha you guys are so awesome! I just wanted to share the video to let you guys read the comments and get some laughs, little did I know just an hour later I’d have several dozen more views and over 20 likes on it! hahaha One thing DIY builders have on the boosted board is this incredible community! Your guys are all so awesome!

Dilly Beast02 sounds like a piece of shit when he types. Nice board! :clap:

Liked and commented. All the best!!

too many comments on that video from Boosted fanboys! I had to close out the tab before I respond to everyone of them.