My favorite electric skateboard remote, what's yours?


no cap pairs to all my boards and can even turn on the stupid leds


Give this dude a real remote like what the heck. (Some good motors too while we are at it.)


man go backflip off a roof that remote is top tier it survived more falls than both my wrists


Do you really enjoy “shitposting” lmao

Do you know what other remotes are even out there


judging by his buying decisions probably not.


Lol it’s okay he will just go with his “trusty china esc” either way


can i have ur puck?

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Maybe you should list all these other remotes that you prefer and describe what makes them superior? better battery, better range, better features?

Have you actually tested this remote from the op? how does it compare to these other remotes? what is the issue with this remote etc?


Don’t dick around lol if you’ve been watching the forum you know the questions this dude has been asking

I just wanted to see if he would reply. Sure the remote is probably fine, but it is far from the best remote.

Also, he edited the title and content of the post lmao

As a sidenote, this remote is kind of looks like a hobbywing, which would mean that it doesn’t work with other escs. If it is not hobbywing, then it is a Spintend Ubox remote, which is a pretty decent remote from what I’ve heard. However, none of this information was included in the OP. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.


Yknow, since the OP asked, my favorite remote is the Maytech V2. It’s got several different channels that can be triggered via remote button combinations. Additionally, it is waterproof, has UART data, and a decent screen.

I’ve loved the dual trigger format and the gigantic throw of the throttle trigger


admin did that to sway away the trolls, its a lingyi remote and works good, and has a screen with battery for both board and remote aswell as odometer and speedometer, half the remotes ive seen dont even got a screen

adjustable brakes aswell

davega for the win. Metr for the win.

vesc for the win


Actually, it works like garbage because it won’t pair to 99% of the ESCs we use.

You should try a Mini Remote or a Hoyt Puck.

Yeah, neither one have screens. Your phone has one of those. You can see all the other crap on your phone.


You should try a VESC from not-Flipsky. Your mind will be blown. You can adjust everything. And I mean everything.


ye but i would have to stick a usb dongle up the esc butt with this i can adjust brakes on the go

why would you need multiple channels do you send morse codes to your bros while riding


Looks like u haven’t experienced high speed cutout yet, I suggest u try it, preferably near airport area or high cell tower density area


Because when channel 1 cuts connection and is about to fuck your sagging balls, channel 2 is there to save you and catch the signal instead of fully cutting off.


What’s your opinion on the Maytech V2 vs the flipsky VX2 ?

At the moment I’m pretty fond of VX1’s and 2’s as per price/quality and zero cutouts till now. But the separate and long trigger tempt me, but at around 200 euros …

having 2 different button for brake and gas makes no sense, im tryina ride the board no do mathematic equation for which one does what