My final enclosure solution

Since I finished building my first eskate I have had barely time to come up with a proper enclosure solution, or build one. I finally had time though and I just wanted to share how I did it. Here is what it looked like before the new enclosure. I used some kind of mat, which is water proof and and dirt repellent as an enclosure. It was important to me to have an enclosure that would not reduce the amount of flex I had with the board, or at least not reduce it by much. First I only fixed the mat with double sided tape and hot glue, but that was not a long term solution. Also I had to make cutouts for the power button and the battery indicator which was not ideal either. I moved the power button and the batter indicator to the top side of the board and I fixed the mat with thin aluminum plates. This way I get to keep my flex and it looks pretty. Here are the images:


Do you think that will protect your elements from rocks, nails and whatnot ?

Yes I’m pretty sure. The mat doesnt touch sensitive components and is tightly strapped. And the mat is extremely strong like basically indestructable. Idk where you are riding your board, but nails? :smile: But I don’t think even nails would be a problem. Of course if you ride your board into a sidewalk or similar it would do more damage than with a hardshell, but I’ll take my chances on that. And It’s lite and very slim too, which is nicee

I’ve seen a few pictures of people getting nails or wood screws right in the enclosure or stuck in a wheel. I once got a safety pin right into my bike wheel in the middle of the city. It’s rare but things like that can happen. Your setup is really flat though, so that’ll surely help. Do you have pictures of how it’s setup under the black mat ?

No I don’t but it’s basically just 5 2S Lipos a BMS and the VESC I have it similar to this:


where do you ride if you get a nail in your enclosure lol

Where’d you get the mat from. I would love to try that. It looks like a great solution. I just need to cover my vesc as my batteries are in the top. Let me know. Thanks.

I would love to implement this into my build. Where did you get the mat from?

dude just be patient… he hasn’t been on to see your post yet.


Sorry, but I’m currently in Central America and very much off beaten track so I almost never have a connection. I got the mats from a company. They use it in their production process and they gave me some off the mats they discarded. You can buy similar mats online i think. I will be home in 10 days and I can get you more Information then if you are still interested.

Send it to the Braille guys and let them have a go at it

it’s fabric so you can cut it, but tearing it apart is really difficult

what if you go over a sword then? will most likely rip it right in two. look out for swords and skate safe

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind :blush: it’s good advice

Do u know the website for that company or where I can get something similar??

Do you read ? He just said :

Then you will have the info you need just to be patient.


I have to ask when I get home Be patient

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