My First Build - 10S and 6374 Single Belt Drive

Hello everyone, I already intended to build my first board last year, but the summer ended so I dropped it in the hope of building it this year. I haven’t completely decided about what parts to use yet, but I kind of know what I’m aiming for. So I would try to build a board with a single 6374 motor, 10S battery, and VESC. Also, I’m located in Europe.

VESC: Probably going to use the Focbox (or is there another viable option that isn’t overly expensive) Motor: Bought the APS 6374 HEV 170kv - Remote: GT2B with a custom case looks like the most reliable way to go. Battery: I have decided that I’ll get a 10s4p Li-ion pack from a local battery builder, I currently don’t which cells he uses, but I’m sure I can have it built with samsung 30q or some other cells that are good for esk8.

Mechanical Parts : Wheels: 97mm flywheel clones 73A - Trucks: 50° Caliber II from @e.board_solutions

Drive system : I think I’ll use 15/40 gearing (15mm wide) Motor pulley:15mm wide, 10mm bore, 15t steel pulley - Wheel pulley:15mm wide 40t flywheel pulley - Belt: Haven’t calculated the length yet, but I’ll buy it from

Other parts : Motor mount: Caliber V2 mount from @e.board_solutions Enclosure: Not sure yet, might try diy fiberglass Deck : I’m going to use the deck from my Brunotti Boxter, maybe I’ll later upgrade to a loaded vanguard.

Thanks, BlaccIX


For the trucks you don’t have many options - just because of what motor mounts are available

You could use

  • Caliber trucks
  • Caliber clones
  • The ones used by evolve
  • TB 218mm trucks

Similar things for the wheels

  • ABEC 11 Flywheels (or clones)
  • Orangatang Kegels

(or any wheel with the same core)

Motor and VESC sounds good

Does your deck flex?

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I was going to use 44-degree Caliber II trucks and 97mm flywheel clones, my deck is a bamboo-fiberglass sandwich, it flexes, but since I’m pretty lightweight I don’t think it’ll be a much of a problem.

You should think about how you mount your electronics then

Like how the boosted v1 does

My skateboard GS01 with hub drive motor, 500W, 36V, whose speed can reach to 12mph.

I have almost the same setup what you planning but on a mountainboard trampa:

single FocBox motor sk3 6374 192kv nano-x remote 4 x 5s 5000mah = 10s10000mah gears 15/72

This setup is realy good. I can reach 55km/h without any problem but i have big tires 8". Range is around 15/18 km its depend on your ride style. I can go up the hill and still speedup.

Hi! The Vesc and motor you picked are good for a 10S battery. For the deck you have to pay attention to the flex. If it flex then either you make it stiff by adding carbon fiber or fabirglass or you split your enclosure in two part, front and back. For the trucks few are compatible with the motor mount available (as moon said). THe last thing the battery. I build mine recently for the first time. It is not that difficult but you nned a spot welder. I made my custom one for the occasion from a microwave trasformer and an arduino I had at home. My suggestion is ho for it if you have the time to spend in learning and the money for a spot welder, otherwise you could either ask to one of the guy of the forum to build the Liion pack for you. I would suggest stick with Liion if possible, othersie LiPo it’s also fine, then the soldering skill needed are really basic and yes connecting a BMS will allow you to simple recharge them with a normal charger. Good luck!

Thanks! I think I’ll try to use a boosted style enclosure

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Do you use a BMS for the LiPo-s?

No, I have a imax b6 charger and I have to charge every battery separately. I considering to buy a charging board to connect all 4 batteries and charging them in one time.

There are plenty of lipo folks that run bms. Just do a quick search and you will find good information for those that run with bms.


I have updated and completed the parts list, added some links and bought motor, motor mount and trucks.

Does anyone know what’s the size of the bullet connectors the APS 6374 motor has?

just write him an email. he response quite fast, but it probably won’t be 4mm connector. Btw just a tip, since this build will go fast, try to do a split between the axles. Like 50° front and 44° rear, i did it on my board and stabilized my board at high speeds. I recommend reading up on this thread, loads of good info about bushings ect.

thanks for the suggestions, I look into it

Does anyone have some suggestions or ideas for a 10s4p 18650 Li-ion split enclosure? Would be great if it was made for the Vanguard. So far I’ve considered diy fiberglass, 3d printing and @Eboosted Vanguard enclosure.

I have the Vanguard set in stock waiting to be bought :blush: , let me know

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Just recieved the APS motor, looks like it’s decent quality. Still trying to figure out how to save costs on the enclosure.

if you go DIY fiberglass don’t forget you have to calculate the costs for the molds.

Kinda torn towards kydex atm. Should be cheap and reliable?