My first build! (( any comments or thoughts would help please! <3 ))

Hello everyone. I wanted to say thank you for having me and this is my first post! I wanted to get thoughts on my build sense I am new to this hobby. my board is a cheapy so I don’t tend to want comments on it. I know the ride wont be super but I wanted to just test and see what I can expect from a prof of concept build for a entry level build.

these are my trucks / kit. Its a hub motor which I know are farely new to eskate but I heard good things about this motor and I wanted to just test the waters so I didn’t want to spend over 200 on a set of wheels. dual hub motors

knowing I got dual hub motors I needed a dual ESC so this was my pick for an ESC. I know that I didn’t have a ton of money for a focbox unity which I just heard of but was over 200. so I saw this ESC was for dual motors up to 1300wat per motor or 2600 so I thought this would be plenty for a first build.ESC for dual hub motors

for batteries I bought 2 5S 30C rated turnigy batteries and a charger for them.

and lastly to connect the batteries to the ESC I bought a tx-60 series connector sense I currently don’t own a solder but look forward to getting one soon.

expectations and final thoughts I don’t expect to go more then 5 to 10 miles but I hope to go about 20 MPH on them. This is a prof of concept and I didn’t want this to be my daily driver. If all else fails I can at least use the lipo’s to get a DIY spot welder and make my own li ion packs with!

It seems all good, but not great. Basically you will be getting a meepo or wowgo board with lipos instead of Li-ion. I’m not saying it will be bad or anything like that, it just might be better buying one of those boards or getting their kits.

Honestly if it were me I would get some hubs with thicker urethane, otherwise the ride will be quite rough.

Apart from that it will work fine.

well here is the deal. the wowgo board is about 500 which i wanted to try and make what in the science world and the inventing world call a prof of concept. I just wanted to make sure I could actually do this rather then go out and spend 2 grand and find out i got me a trap. once I understand what I’m doing i can deffently improve from here and build what I want.

I just want to make sure i understand how it works and make a starter board. if you ever play a card game like magic the gathering or pokemon you start with a starter deck which gets you to understand the basics but leaves you with more to desire for better matches

I know exactly what your talking about. Your first board will be much better than my first one. I started with 6s lipos, a car esc, 190kv motor and a bunch of Chinese crap. Well now I have 4 boards in the house and I’m addicted to building more.

Your build will be fine, and it will definitely be a good start and you will know what to improve in future versions or builds

yes! I saw 800w motors from a well known ebike builder who has a site for his kits which his wheels have replaceable urathene on the hubs. which he mentioned in his build he can go about 25 MPH with a 36v battery. I will be looking at better long boards for a first upgrade but right now I got this. longboard deck from ebay

I don’t have a high expectation for the board but I wanted something I haven’t seen in a long board yet. I honestly want something that looks like the evolve GT but I don’t have enough skills to build one yet.

That board looks nice, I like the bamboo. It should serve you well, just make sure you don’t get wheel bite at the front. If you do get sown you might need to had some riser pads

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I was thinking riser pads but I will see what its like without the riser pads. I didn’t list the board because i knew I only spent about 30 dollars on on it. I need to learn to apply grip tape now so time for[youtube]!(

Without pictures it didn’t happen :smiley::wink:. But seriously though I would love to see some pics!

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i would love to show some photo’s but as of right now I have only ebay shippments waiting to hit my apartment. once I have the stuff I will deffently updating this post with photo’s

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Welcome to the money pit my friend! Good choices for a first budget build. Wish these choices were available when I first built one. Same as @pat.speed mine was a single motor 2x3s lipo with a car esc. Probably the only thing I would have done different is the batteries but thats because I’m lazy and like things to be easy to manage. Lipos that have to be charged individually used to drive me mad.
Good luck with everything and upload some pics when you can.

Everything is a money pitmoney pit. It depends on how deep the pit is for starters like me. I mean i spent about 600 on it all but i do want a belt drive in the near future. It seems from your guys comments i did a good starter so im eager to get it running.

The next will be a belt drive and i hope to get closer to my 25 to 30 mph speed. I just saw a preview of the unity running this evening at work. The guy was doing a cali hill at 21 mph.

Im not sure of his set up but im pretty sure he could do 30.

well its done…its a very sketchy ride right now. I’m using tupper ware and duck tape to hold it all together until I can buy a better battery. and I screwed the tupper ware to the deck so there should be no issues there.

ill have a photo tomorrow


Is it worse than this? Lol my 3 wheeled frankenscooter with a handmade deck made from wood of the great deku tree. Complete with a whopping 7s4p li ion battery and some skate trucks. The handle is my brake cable and thumb throttle from the old scooter hacked together. This is what I’m riding while I’m building out a true board. Just bought the new focbox unity yesterday :smiley:

@venom121212 no my board is much like a skate board. It dosent go very far but i had to start somewhere. I currently in the process of making upgrades. I do have a 2nd esc that i could use and make my current build a 6s build. I havent decided on what im doing but i know for sure i want more range for sure.