My first build Austin 0.1

Hello everyone I’m building first electric skateboard and I’m looking for some help making sure everything works included in this post is the diagram I plan to use for making my board any and all feedback would be great.



Looks good to me (if you are aiming for a 12s battery). But I would include the loopkey in the positive “line” (just personal preference) :slight_smile:

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took the words out from under my fingers :joy:

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:joy: :smile:


Do you think i could use this adapter for putting my batteries in series


Looks good to me… It’s just difficult to tell.

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Any alternative suggestions?


Nope. Just solder your own. (Or are their any on hk? :slight_smile:)

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Wym by solder my own ? like solder the batteries directly?

make sure you properly solder, dont make cold joints.

connect them using 8/10 gauge wire, as long as youre not pushing more than 150 amps total continuous

whats a cold joint?

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No please. I meant soldering your own adapter/connector… :slight_smile:

I think you need to do some more research (no offense)

these are the expected20170717_192314 20170627_004057 end goal

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A stoners worst nightmare.

clearly, /s

but seriously:

Its best to read on soldering before you attempt anything, and do it outside on a nice day. If something goes wrong and youre doing it inside you risk your entire house. Lipos are no joke…


Looks good. Could join means that there’s no proper connection…Normally they seem greyish and not flashy (hopefully the correct word)… :slight_smile:

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oh OK i didn’t know the name of it until i called it something else

thanks again guys big help :grinning::grinning:

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Shiny, i guess is a better word

flashy works though lol

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my gif was removed jeez :roll_eyes:

wasnt even that bad lol