My first build complete

just thought i would share a couple of pics of my first build, it looks as though i may need to streamline the motor mount as it is riding very low to the ground, let me know what you think or any suggestions on improvements


Very nice first build!

thanks it’s a present for my Nephew, the problem i have at the moment is there is too much snow on the ground to really test it!

You could improve the ground clearance by top mounting the trucks instead of drop through. If that doesn’t do it, you could also add risers and or larger wheels.

I run 90mm wheels, trucks top mounted with 1/2" risers. The ride is still stable at that height with good trucks, bushings and pivot cups and it greatly reduces the risk of bottoming out and possible getting thrown off the board.

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when you say top mounting the trucks would that mean basically removing them and mounting them to the bottom of the board, if that’s possible that’s what i’ll do, my wheels are only 83mm!

did you make that enclosure? I like it

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thanks, yes i made it from sheet metal

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Looks far better than my first ever hack job for a build. Well done.