My first build - direct drive + arbor deck

Hey guys. Few days ago I finish my first build and wanted to share this with you.

My e-longboard story starts when I was trying to find relatively light-weight but powerful electric scooter to change my old Xiaomi mijia m365.

So I see and buy koowheel Chinese board and was shocked because of so much fun and drive from it. But I don’t like some things in koowheel board

  1. Hub motors are pain in the ass. It’s very noisy on bad roads, it’s very hard and feels like I’m going on a Soviet union tank when driving on paving slabs roads
  2. This board is very solid and can’t be opened and/or customized
  3. Battery is changeable in theory, but there are almost no spare batteries, especially I can’t find batteries acceptable for airplane (below 100wh).

So I start to dig all the internet and this particular forum (thank you guys so much for all the information!!!)

And finally make my plan what I want

  1. Choose deck separately from electronics and wheels. Because when I rent some regular (not electric) longboards, I find that stiff decks more suitable for my weight (about 110kg)
  2. Direct drive motors. Because hub motors cheap and simple but hard and noisy, and belt- motors are too complicated as for me
  3. Changeable LiPo battery pack, because cheap, can be taken to airplane and I can buy some more to change it on the way if I need some more km on the way.

And finally my current build

  1. Arbor longboard deck. Stiff (zero flex), W concave. I just rent lot of longboards and this deck was the best on my mind
  2. Torque boards direct drive motors. Because it’s the best direct drive motors I can find. With huge amount of power.
  3. 110 mm wheels from the same torqueboards (it’s so soft!!)
  4. Torqueboards VESC * 2
  5. micro remote controller (I really dont like it, it feels so cheap in hand…)
  6. Torque boards vesc and lipo battery enclosures (very good ones)
  7. Flipsky bluetooth module (compatible with VESC tool mobile for android)
  8. 6s4200mah*2 battery packs from local RC models store.
  9. A lot of time in digging the internet and trying to solve a lot of problems, because I’m not a hardware guy at all.

I really like the result. Especially because it fits all I want. It weights about 12 km, can be taken with me anywhere in the world, even has bright headlight for dark night ridings))

What I want to improve in the future

  1. Change the controller. Something more comfortable in hand. Even koowheel board controller is way better than microcontroller.
  2. Maybe find a way to charge batteries without taking off enclosure, but not sure if I need this.
  3. Make it more waterproof

Can answer questions if any.

Some photos


It looks nice good DD.

For the remote get a Flipsky VX1 it’s a really good and inexpensive. U can set up speed modes and have a battery meter on the remote itself.

For the battery u should go with cells like 18650.20700 etc but since u got ur Lipos u can connect the balance leads to a gx12 connector. I think it’s the simplest solution for u.

Weatherproof it using silicone or hot glue. Window seeler rubber grommet.

Thank you for ideas! This connector looks good, and if I take 8 pin, it’s possible to make only 1 connector per battery.

Do you know how good or not good flipsky vx2 remote?