My first build "done"

Hello, new here just wanting to share my first ever build. You guys have helped me a lot when researching for this project. Pretty happy how it turned out

For drive train I used off the shelf maxfind M6 all-terrain hubmotor kit: Hub Motor KIT and their hobbywing esc

For the battery I wanted to use Bosch powertool batteries for couple off reasons: 1 they are something diffirent and on my opinion cool looking 2 I can use those batteries for working when not riding and 3 easily hot swappable

For electronic enclousore I used small pelican case knock off mounted on top off the board for ground clearance

For lights I first thought about using bicycle lights but didn’t like to recharge those separately so I bought 13-50v → 12v coverter Pololu - 12V, 4.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V50F12 (so only main battery to worry about), mini led light bar, motorcycle mini tail light (both are super bright and I am happy with them) and on off switch

For the deck I used my old skateboard deck I allready had lying around.

Only thing I am thinking about changing is bushings for bit stiffer ones as on higher speeds it feels bit unstable, but on the other hand I built this board pretty much only for moving around my property (living on countryside so lot of land) so maneuverability is key. I have to think about that. Or maybe if I feel bit crazy maybe 4wd?..

What you guys think about this build?


Pretty great build. I would probably do a converter build for myself as well for my lights. I enjoy seeing creative builds.

How are you connecting the batteries in parallel?

Won’t there be an issue if you try to plug in two batteries that aren’t at the exact same charge level?

I am using these connector plates in bedded to lid of the case underneath I used heavy wire to connect both 18v batteries to series for 36v

So far I have always fully recharged both batteries when I plug them in if one of them had been used somewhere else and have diffirent ammount of charge left than other. Both batteries are same age and have their own built in bms so if they both have same ammount of charge when used I hope they will last. And if they don’t, each battery have 3 year warranty.

For lights it is so much easier and cheaper to find 12v lights so I highly recomend converter