My first build! Dual R-spec, space cell pro 4 on a rayne avenger!

Super excited to get this running, just waiting on Vesc’s and pro4 space cell!


Nice setup mate ! Hope that deck is stiff enough to support the S.C.4 and the high speeds you’ll get. Please do some range testing with that massive battery so raptor dual owners can get jealous ! Good luck

Looking good bro. I have the same Dual R-spec motor, truck and wheel set up with a similar board. Just :station: waiting on vesc. Make sure you keep us up to date. I’ll be working with 2x 8580 ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 4S1P 20C. Getting started with those first. I want to build my own :battery: battery :package: pack. Give us your results. Kinda curious on your specs.

Thank you!

Yeah, the deck is stiff! I really wanted a tail, but I love the shape of this board. The extra range is going to be awesome, I saved a bit of money building my own and got more range, I recommend it! Definitely will do a range test when i get it!

Make sure you red loctite everything. Looking good! That drivetrain looks like a smurf. Hehe


Awesome build. My build will be very similar to this one. Everything is the same except the deck. I’m using the Arbor Highground. When did you order your parts from Enertion? I ordered everything Jun,4 order No. 39xx. I’ve only received VESCs at this point.

Please keep us updated with more pictures when you assemble everything.

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@lox897 thanks, definitely a good idea to do so! I still have to align the belts, and make final adjustments. Smurf, hah never saw that tell now.

@Strawbs Thank you, super happy with it so far! I ordered the kit about a month and a half ago, just ordered the battery today, and the vesc last week. Waiting is no fun :s

Looking Good! Gonna be a real clean build when it’s done. I’m guessing your range around 20 miles with SCP4 Gonna be a real leg burner!

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Haha, leg burner most likely eh. I got a lot of hills in my area, so i’m hoping to get as much range as possible! i’m going to put up some videos when i get it all done.

What country, state are you in

I live in Vancouver, Canada!

@Namasaki Do you have a raptor?

No Raptor, Mine is home built with bought parts and wood deck