My first build, e-mtb trampa

Hello, i’m new in the world of electric skateboards. I want to motorise my trampa mountainboard and have browsing this forum, youtube and several sites for a setup of my own to build. Can you tell me if this is a good setup for me? I weight about 84 kg and my board is about 7kg. I live in Belgium, a flat country but i want to go offroad sometimes… I have 14years experience on a skateboard and 10y on a snowboard, so am not a beginner on boards. Also i need a charger for the batteries below in my list, wich is one recommeded?

Electric mountainboard build

Motor mount x2 (£120 - €130,8)

Motors x2 ($162 - €136,3)

(V)ESC x2 ($118 - €99,3) diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/#whatvescconnectors

Battery x2 ($77,10 - €64,9)

Drive train (£168 - € 183)

Battery indicator LCD ($7 - €5,9)

Remote + receiver($40 - €33,7)

Connectors xt90 ($13 - €10,9)

Thank you for the help!


Disclaimer: I am not an expert. These are just my suggestions:

Motor mount: Never heard of them before. Check out @Nowind , or @Idea for some quality options. Motors seem good, although I think you could go a bit higher with KV. Those VESCs will probably not be enough. Check out VESC 6 if you have a lot of money. If you make a 10S battery with those, range will be short. Like 5km… Remote looks ok, and XT90s are fine too.

Hope this helps…

@jbalint1122 Thanks for your possitive critisism :slight_smile: I found this electrical setup from somebody on youtube. I can change this setup because i didn’t buy anything yet. What do you suggest which is affordable like this setup?

E-mountainboards are not known for being affordable. @Idea has well priced motor mounts, and if you don’t care about slightly worse startup and braking, you can go with something like an Fvt 12S sleeping lion ESC. It has more power than a regular vesc, but it is less customizable. It is the same price though. As for batteries, you don’t have to go 10S if you want to same some money. Just buy two giant 4S packs. Like 10000mh.

Yeah i’ve Just found out about the motormounts of Idea. His set is less expensive then the parts that i found. Definitely going to buy those.

About the batteries: found these on hobbyking. Please take a look and tell me if they’re good or not.

Can you post a link about the sleeping Lion ESC’s?

you can try, but the general agreement is that lipos with a <20c ratting will sag and are not good for our purpose. Maybe with a huge 15c pack and small motors you might not notice…

do you plan on running 8s or 12s?

this is my setup

  • my batteries are 35c and i didn’t feel any sag…

  • i use the same motors and i’m happy with them

  • i’m using VESC but I mainly go for asphalt

i didn’t recommend you the scramboards motor mount (i have it), i recommend you the motor mount by @Idea it’s better


@Cobber, i’m still researching what would be a good setup. Didn’t plan anything yet. The links i posted on all the parts are for me to calculate the total price of the build.

@tueboard, yesterday i found the thread of Idea’s motormounts and i’m loving those! They are cheaper and look more robust then the scramboards. Definitely going to change my plans untill i’m sure enough to finally start buying. First up is the motormount from Idea.

What about this setup proposal? 2x Hobbywing 30105000 EZRUN MAX6-V3 2x Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV 4x ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 4S1P 20C to make 8S2P 1x motormount set from Idea

Always a good Setup… Hobbywing max6 never fails in so many builds from mine/friends/customers Sk3 really good… Around 1:5 gearing Only batterys i would take maybe some nicer ones… forexample ZippyCompact 6200mah 40C

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i’d be like Jenso bro…

Out of interest, did you consider buying the whole (minus battery etc) kit from Trampa? Something like this?

I’m looking at building an e-Trampa board and this was the direction I was planning to take, unless there’s a reason not to?

@Nowind I will look at some stronger batteries then. But how many and how do i need to link them(serie or parallel)? @cobber yes, thanks for the feedback @munkyheed i allready have a trampa board. i don’t find a kit from trampa without a board. i want to build my own setup instead of a bolt-on kit

So the build is going slowly at the moment. Nothing really happened. Here’s a picture of the board i’m using.

Trampa 35° long board Scrub channel trucks Hypawheel hubs Scrub diamond thread tires Scrub ratchet bindings Homemade heelstraps from old snowboardbindings

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So the first purchases have been done. Maybe it’s a weird choice of parts i’ve started with. But a start is a start, right? First the smallest and maybe the most forgetable parts…

Bought a Battery case for €30,95

Bought a Battery indicator for $6,98

Bought Xt90 connetors for $8,98

Bought a Maytech remote for €38,38

Some 10awg red and black wire 1m each for €17

Also a Nylon braided sleeve for €3,47

Also some Heat shrink for €4,83

I’m planning to buy: 2x Turnigy motors 6374 192kv, 2x hobbywing esc max6 4x zippycompact 6200mah 4s 1x motormount set from @Idea

Is there something else i need that i’m not thinking of? Do I need bulletconnectors?(how many, what type) All help is welcome!

Have you got a: charger? power supply? soldering iron? some safety gear is a good idea too, especially for your first rides… boring, but…

charger? Nope, which one do you suggesties? power supply? No, stupid question: why do i need this? soldering iron? Yes! some safety gear? Yes, got helmet, crashpants, backprotector, kneepads and gloves.

Oh almost forgot, i need a program card for those max6, right? Does somebody suggest one?

Yes you need one… Better for SURE

you need a power supply for the balance charger (this is not included)

i’m using this

balance charger Turnigy Accucel 6 50W 6A universal power supply from sunydeal

@tueboard Thanks i will look at those! @Nowind Thanks, which one do i need for max6? Make and model please?