My first build I need help to what and how

List of what I’m getting and using •Dual 6374’s 190kv torque boards motors+218mm trucks and mounts •14t motor and 40t wheel pulleys 12mm belts and 107mm abec11’s •oust moc 9 bearings+speed rings/spacers •Hi5ber zenith deck carbon fiber •I’ll make a fiberglass enclosure all is good and running I still need two 6s5p batteries find someone to make it or get a spot welder and try myself I want 18650’s samsung 30q and im going to use a dual balance charger I have its max 6s for rc cars I have

•I don’t know what type of connector how to plug 6s5p+6s5p=12s5p in series then how to pulg x2 focbox’s after that series and where to put a anti spark and also where to put a on off switch/button here is a pic of what I mean I can post more pics of what I already have if anyone is interested this if my first build and I need lots of help!..

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My build is similar to to yours. I only use the anti spark switch as an on off switch.

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Take the Plus wire after the series connection and connect it to the 2 Pluses on the focbox’s. Same goes for the Minus. Antispark can be used as an on/off switch. You can put it between the series connection and the focbox’s. If you still want to put an on/off switch you can put it between the antispark and the focbox’s.

So I can just use the series connection for my on off e1allen I looked at you build post it looks nice I like the focbox heat sink I am still waiting for parts my build is a slow process… I post more pics when I get more parts in

This is the xt90 to 2 xt60 splitter I made

That is prob exactly how I am going to connect mine here is some pics of my deck up close from hi5ber this one is called zenith I got the optional reinforcement for heavyweight riders I think it means they add more layers of carbon fiber not sure some of the finish quality is not what I thought it would be for a hand made to order product maybe I’m just being to picky either way I still like it

Why not just throw in a bms so you can charge it with a laptop charger? That way you can also just make one big 12s5p pack instead of having two packs to worry about.

also, for the two focboxes, wire them in parallel. That means use this:download (4)