My first build, I need help

Ok so I bought and evolve bamboo gt and now I’m ready to get into the DIY side of eboarding since I’m hooked

Electronic Long board

Trucks - $55 Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks - white/gold

Wheels - $27 90mm abec flywheels

Motor - $120 torqueboard 190kv 3150w

Mount/pulley - $106 single 50mm motor mount with 16t/36t pulley abec wheel drive

Speed controller (esc) - TB VESC BLDC

Controller - $60 torque-board nana 2.4ghz

Battery - 2 5s 5000mah in series got an extra set

Electrical/connectors - $25 4mm Hxt series conector / Nylon xt90 connector $9. / torqueboards programming key $15

Rode it yesterday, hit around 27mph with a ton of juice left. This thing is beast

It won’t let me upload the images but a vid is coming soon

Just remember, If you are gonna be making a xt90 key switch, to turn it off and on, make sure its a xt90-s (anti spark) or get an anti-spark switch (mosfet). otherwise your gonna have a bad time!

I have a similar single motor setup and I would recommend 3x 4s 5000mah zippy batteries

Also a cheaper and in my mind a better more reliable option is the gtb2 controller at around $30

the esc I can get you at a discounted price Besides that id go 8s 10000mah on ur 190kv to see some speed and @psychotiller for an enclosure

Welcome Matt! Good questions and looks like a solid build. A couple questions and suggestions:

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Deck - $80 Krown Elite Drop Through Palms Longboard, 36in[/quote] Drop through decks are hard to get motors to mount up correctly - you usually will end up top-mounting the deck vs drop through to have enough clearance.

Also - this deck looks like it might flex - you want a stiff deck to start as it will simplify your batteries. Or you will need to split your batteries and electronics to allow the middle of the deck to flex.

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Motor - $120 torqueboard 190kv 3150w[/quote]

Which motor specifically? 63mm or 50mm?

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Mount/pulley - $106 single 50mm motor mount with 16t/36t pulley abec wheel drive [/quote]

How fast do you want to go? How heavy are you and do you live in a hilly area? So we can help make suggestions on gearing.

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Speed controller (esc) - $145 torquebaords 12s 120a[/quote]

Good ESC, but remember the controller card to configure. Any reason you didn’t look to get VESC? Can be daunting i know…

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Controller - $60 torque-board nana 2.4ghz [/quote]

I’d suggest the GT2b and a 3d enclosure later (master-cho, or badwolf, or unik, or …)

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Battery - ???5000mah 6s??[/quote]

Lots of good batteries out there. If you have a target range you want to hit - let us know. I always recommend getting the best and highest C discharge batteries you can afford (less voltage sag). but i’ve used el-cheapo 10c packs too - they work OK, but i’ve also killed a couple (puffed them).

[quote=“Mattmccrary8, post:1, topic:20205, full:true”] Electrical/connectors - $25 4mm Hxt series conector / Nylon xt90 connector $9. / torqueboards programming key $15[/quote]

You remembered the card. cool.

I’d suggest a good connector and stick to one standard. If you need to swap battery connectors to match everything up - just remember to cut and swap one cable at a time (to avoid spark/welding w/ your bare battery wires). Be careful and go slow. Double check your polarity before plugging anything in.

If you want to make your own anti-spark, here’s a basic how-to i did a while back:

heat shrink - superworm or good flexy silicone wire is nice. If you can solder your own cables and wires (to exact length) it will keep it clean and make it look much much nicer. takes some practice for heavy wire and you need a hot iron w/ a wider tip. A good variable is nice, but let us know what you have and we can suggest if it’ll work well.

an anti-spark mosfet is nice to have, but not really needed.

belt width - for a single 12mm would be my minimum, but 15 might be even better depending on your weight.

let us know more detail and we’ll help get you sorted!

welcome to the madness!


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What do you want to use it for? Also, what did you like and dislike about the Evolve? There are a ton of options out there. Is there are reason why you’re buying a complete deck instead of a higher quality deck? You’re already buying separate trucks and wheels. All you would need is hardware, bearings and grip.

There are a lot of little odds and ends too. Shrink tubing, industrial strength velcro, adhesive foam,… stuff like that.

Do you have a budget?

its 500 i belive but maybe more…

So 8s would get me enough speed? I’m wanting this thing to go faster than my evolve bamboo on 97abecs which tops out at 26mph. Is it just gear ratio that determines speed along with wheel size?

Ok what deck would you recommend? I’m trying to keep everything in a good budget.

It’s a 6374 190kv 3150w torqueboard motor

I live in Orlando Fl so literally no hills, I have an avolve gt that tops out at 26mph so I’d like it to go faster if possible, I weigh 195lbs. No hills at all

I’m making this board so my boys can ride with me and I’d like to start a little side hobby…

I know nothing about VESC and was wondering about the preprogrammed Miami electronic boards one?

My budget is $800 for everything

How much distance do you get and does that affect speed?

check ur pm then

I love everything about Evolve except the fact that I’m riding alone! I’m truly trying to make something with more top speed and not as much torque. My budget is $800 but if I can go cheaper that would be awesome

Decks are preference. You know the GT - and picked another symmetrical board like it w/ the Krown drop through. That will work well w/ the larger 90mm wheels so you don’t have to run spacers and raise up the board more.

I’d recommend checking a skate site like daddies and looking for a symmetrical shape that is still “stiff” - hover over the name and it’ll pop up with more info for that deck. Find one you like, that is stiff, and still the shape you want:

Sounds like you want some speed - so the 15/36 would work well from just about anywhere. At 195lbs i’d suggest 12mm gear/belts or go to 15mm if you can find them (tough - @Titoxd10001 has a nice 15/40 but that will slow you about 2mph compared to same setup w/ 15/36).

Bold fliers and old fliers… 25+ is stupid fast on a skateboard - so unless you have downhill experience and skills - please wear appropriate protective gear for the speeds you want to go! PSA over and i’ve done 30 once w/ a tail wind… not my cup o’ tea.

VESC is awesome, but i respect folks that want simplicity and don’t want to mess w/ the configuration and “fiddling”. It’s copy/paste simple, and gets easier the 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ time you’ve done it, but still daunting to start.

Awesome you are doing this with your boys! Should be fun for you guys and be safe!



First you could buy a deck at , also you can personalize it.

Your motor mount and your motor is good, if you want speed go with a higher voltage battery… But if you want cheap parts go with 6s, you will economize with the battery and the charger… But I recommend 10s with this motor, also because vesc support it.

Speed controller- I recommend Vesc, it have a lot of benefits, but it is your decision.

Controller- Everybody says that Gt-2b is the better choice, but other people says that handheld controller (Miami electric) is good. I would go with the Mini Remote, it will be cheaper.

Now about the Xt-90 loop key, it is good, reliable, but a Anti spark power switch is more beautiful… But you want cheap things!

Your build is awesome man, but Bamboo gt is a great skate, try buying a smaller wheel pulley to your skate, it will decrease the gear ratio and increase the speed, Evolve sells this pulleys.

Any doubts you can send me a private message and I will help you.

Study this Forum! Electric Skateboard is something dangerous, don’t try to save a lot of money and put your life in risk, have a great day!

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Might want to fix the web link to I get directed towards an outdoor patio with a custom deck.

Sorry, my mistake, now it is correct

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Right now I am using 2 of those and I get around 6-7 miles and top speed 24mph, I regret not buying three because I would like more distance and speed and I am thinking of adding a third soon.

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If you want more speed, I recommend hubs. Most belt drive systems top out around the same speeds as the Evolve. I can hit 30mph on my Carvon V2.5 single and a 10s with ease. A little faster if conditions are good and you have a place you can do it, but I don’t have much of that around here. Not a lot of torque since it’s a single, but I’m fairly light.

The real question is, can you handle more speed? 25mph on a wood plank and four wheels is nothing to mess around with. 30mph is pretty intense and takes a lot of experience. I’ve been skating for decades and I rarely hit 25mph. Make sure you’re geared up with all the right protection. A fall at 25+mph happens insanely fast. 15mph is easy. You can run it out or hop skip and roll. Unless your Usain Bolt, 25mph means your sliding it out.

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