My first build looking for do's and dont's

Hey esk8 builders,

I want to convert my old longboard to an esk8board. I spent most of my time on school looking for the right parts, what to get etc…

Since i’m new to build esk8boards i wanted to ask you guys if my first build will work out like i think it does.

Mechanical side

https:///collections/featured-items/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit I found this set and liked it. It has everything i need. There is an option for 63mm [normal/inward] or [reverse/outward] what is the difference? Also i want the 218mm version because maybe in the future i want to upgrade to a dual motor setup.

Electronics https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv Since i’ll be running single motor in the beginning i liked the strength of this motor. And as a bonus i can fit 1 more on these trucks in the future when i get more money :confused:

https:///collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller I understand this is an VESC and you can program it to your likings.

The remote is 60$ also from torque but ill be looking to get something cheaper possibly else ill just order this one


I will be making a 12s2p of 24 samsung 30Q cells.

When i get more money i’ll be upgrading this pack to 12s4p asap.

in advance thank you for reading and the feedback

IMG_2365 drivetain-close-up-puley-belt

Basically one mouts forward under the deck. The other goes out the back.

*not my builds just found something with tb mounts as good examples


Personally i would also get the wheel upgrade. 90. 97 or even 110. But thats not a must and really up to you. The bigger wheels provide a smoother ride. And since you’re going single drive id definitely get 15mm belt upgrade.

@torqueboards if someone buys the kit and upgrades to 97 or 110 wheels do they still get a 36t pulley? Or do you upgrade to a 40t?


Ah I think I’ll go with the forward mounted motors. It’s more low profile for in the city. Thanks

Very good, very cheap, very reliable not too often you get all those characteristics. I got rechargeable AA’s for it. If you want thumb control I’d recommend the Flipsky VX1.

If you want a cheap, reliable remote I can’t recommend this one enough! I’ve never had any issues with it and with 2 AA batteries it lasts half a year without swapping/charging them! And all that for just $18


Do: wear a helmet even if you think it looks out of place.

A few weeks ago mine saved my life.


I will buy a lightweight helmet indeed. Thanks for the heads up!

Which diameter do you recommend for riding in the city?

The thing you are mostly concerned at this moment is not torque, because you’ll have plenty with one 6380 but traction your wheels provide. I linked a video so you’ll have a idea of what I’m talking about.

Esk8’ing is the true freedom, congrats that you’ve just started it… I d like to contribute on the engineering side of your project… Do: watch lots and lots of related youtube review videos, read and read each topic on this forum… If you have time, try to manufacture your own parts… Choose the highest power ESC for your motors… Vibration will always be there and its the enemy of your mechanical and electrical connections, secure them accordingly… Be careful with the li-ions, dont let them heat up by over currents or short circuits… Bevare of the static charges on you, dont touch the conductors on the pcbs with your ungrounded fingers… Know that the hardest part for your system is the speeding up from 0, after take off all will be okey :slight_smile:

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VESC solves this, starting from 0 is not very hard :grinning:

Don’t do this as the people on YouTube dont know what their talking about. :joy:

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Depends i guess. I love my 97mm wheels but some guys won’t go under 100mm.

I do like how easy it is to cross tracks on my 107mm tho

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i can back this. i have 3 esk8’s and they all use this mini remote. it’s reliable as heck, cheap as heck, simple as heck and lasts long as heck. i can’t see why people still risk their lives with Nano-X remotes.

They would have to let us know that they want a higher gearing.

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Luckily i live in the Netherlands, which is flat af… but i do like those tire wheels because they can go over the tram lines without a problem