My first build | O&H fd98 | 10S Lipo 2x 5S 5000 mAh | 190 KV 2200 Watts | VESC

Hi everyone,

reffering to my introduction in the NEW MEMBER Thread, i will let you participate and help me with my first build.


  • Olson & Hekmati fd98 “Francer” Deck
  • Randal 180 Trucks
  • 80a Orangatang Kegels
  • 190 KV Alien Power System 6355 Motor with 2200 Watts
  • VESC
  • 16/36 Gearing with 10mm belt Update: 14t instead of 16t
  • 2x Turnigy 5S 5000 mAh Lipo-Batterys. Will be using them in series for a 10S Setup
  • Same Nano Remote @Kaly is selling these days
  • DIY Motormount and Pulley
  • IMax B6AC V2 Charger

Here are some pics of my board and the parts that have arrived yet:

Update 2016-07-12:

Today my Alien Power Systems motor arrived.

Update 2016-07-14:

Today i went to my uncle to get the build started.

Since i spent much more money on the electronics than planned, i don´t wanted to buy new trucks (Caliber). So we put my Randal 180s in the lathe and started to flatten the area where we want to put on the motor mount with an aluminium ring (more on that later).

Second task was to prepare the 36t Pulley to fit on the truck.

Third was the mount for the pulley on the wheel. We flattened the sides of the wheelcore that we can put a selfmade aluminium mount perfectly in there.

Next steps will be connecting the 36t pulley to our mount and start building the motor mount.

Update 2016-07-15:

VESC, Vedder Antispark and the remote arrived. This was the last order, now everything is complete.

Update 2016-07-19:

Building day 2 done (mechanics and electrics). I was even able to take a short testride with just 5S and the components fixed with masking tape but it already was awesome. Can´t wait to get the enclosure built to finish the board. Unfortunately i didn´t take pictures of every single process because i was busy configuring the VESC.

By the way we switched over from the 16t pulley i ordered to a 14t which my uncle had in his collection. More torque and 40km/h should do it as well for the first board :smiley:

Update 2016-08-04:

Few days ago we finished the board. Unfortunately i didn´t take any pictures because while my uncle made the cases, i was busy soldering connectors, adaptors, etc. I rode the board for about 40 km now. One charge leasts about 22 km, which is great and more than enough for my requirements.

The motor mount is too thin and bends when the motor gives much torque (e.g. hills, fast breaking and accelerating). That´s why we have to switch to a thicker aluminium plate someday but for now we´re done.

The velcro strip on the deck is to mount my remote while carrying the board


Where did you source those pulleys? Are those DIY?

Got them (and the belt) at this Austrian CNC Shop, but i have to customize them to fit in my longboard setup, so calling them “DIY” is obviously only 50% correct :wink:

The idea to get my pulleys from this shop came when i watched this guys DIY-Video.

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Where did you cop that board?

Awesome choice of board, love the O&H decks, thinking of one for my next build eventually :wink:

How flexy is the board and what are you planning for a enclosure?

@XvDarkVAngelvX: Bought the board at this this Shop back in 2013.

@shred: O&H characterize it as “medium/stiff, dampening” and regarding to my 65 kilos that´s exactly how it feels. I´m undecided yet what kind of enclosure i´ll use. I´ll build the board at my uncles workshop and i first have to see, what kind of materials he got there to get some inspiration, maybe a nice thin aluminium case with black paintjob or just the classic lock & lock box for the beginning :smiley:

UPDATE in Post 1: Motor arrived today

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When did you order the motor? you lucked out as all the motors now seem to be out of stock

I ordered it 2016-07-06 and it was shipped the same day.

Im from the us and their website says they are all out?

Yes, meanwhile most of the motors seem to be sold out entirely. The motor i ordered is still available though.

Update in Post 1. Today we started the build.

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Update. VESC / Antispark / Remote arrived.

Very nice board - and even better to have such a nice person as your uncle!

Tell him the ESK8 community appreciates his work. Maybe also ask him if he is bored and if he liked this piece of work … :wink:

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Update in Post 1. Mechanics and electrics done.

Sick setup. I am doing 10s for my build also. I was wondering that since the batteries are in series how would you balance charge them? Do you take them out and charge them on a balance board?

I soldered a parallel XT60 Connector and bought a parallel balanceradapter. To charge the batterys i simply have to unplug my serial XT60 adapter any my lipo beepers and plug the charger with both adapters (XT60+balancer) in.

It’s not the fastest but I don’t have to take the batterys out.

Update in Post 1: Board is finished!

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Very nice man! Let us know how it rides, power, range, the goods!

Range is about 22-25 km with an average speed of about 20 km/h. My Topspeed was 35 km/h (GPS) but that wasn´t full throttle because i pissed my pants at this speed already :blush:

Riding is awesome. This esk8 is definitely the coolest vehicle i´ve used so far. :slight_smile:

Using the nano remote you need a very sensitive thumb to ride safe but that´s no problem.

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wow, saw this build just now, nice lathe work and cool looking enclosure! its bent aluminum u-shape or what is it? is it killing all the boards flex or some sneaky attachment that somehow allows flexing?