My first build | Orangatang 80mm | Turnigy 6363 245kv | esk8 mount | DIY 10S2P | DIY VESC


this is my first build so if you got any suggestions or ideas please comment…

Part list:

Still need to figure out a case for all the stuff, especially the cells.

Build your case! I like what you have going on so far, it’s cool! but what are you going to use for a remote?

I was thinking about a carbon fiber custom case but first I want to get everything working :wink: Oh forgot about including that: a RF nunchuk but not the Kama because it was sold out everywhere

And what kind of charger should I use ? The BMS does the balancing according to the aliexpress listing so what charger is the cheapest? :smiley:

We’re trying to do a group buy for this laptop style charger for 10s

Have a look and if you want to join, reply there

245kv x 42v = 10290 rpm 10290 x 7= 72030 erpm The Vesc has an erpm limit of 60k This motor/voltage combination could cause the Vesc’s drv chip to fail.

o.O anyway around that? I´m pretty sure I saw a 245kv / 10S setup on here before

You’ll have to limit the erpm in Vesc settings but there’s a trick way to do it so that you don’t get sudden shut down while accelerating. I don’t know how to do it but someone on this forum has done it.

So the first upgrade would be a 190kv motor? :smiley:

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Yeah go for a 190kv with a 10s on vesc. People have done it with a 245kv, just not paired with a vesc

190kv + 10s + Vesc = performance and dependability

So this guy is using the same motor with 10S and apparently there seems to be not problem…