My First Build! Single drive, vesc, 6s

Hi everyone I thought I would post my build here to see if anyone notices a glaring problem with any part of it. Also I can provide links to the exact parts if anyone wants.

vesc 4.12 v2.18 from DIYElectricSkateboard nyko kama which broke immediately and I haven’t decided what remote to order yet 190kv turnigy aerodrive motor two 3s zippy flightmax 5ah 20c lipos these 83mm flywheel clones caliber II trucks (I replaced the bushings, the stock ones were way too soft) diyelectric pulley kit xt60 connectors for everything except the vesc which has an xt90s I have a low voltage alarm and voltage monitor but if the vesc has a setting to automatically shut off then I might not use them.

If this looks good (I already received all the parts except for the remote, so I hope it does), could somebody help me out with the vesc bldc tool settings? I thought I had all the settings right last time but the vesc apparently had a broken temperature sensor so I sent it back and just got the replacement. Thank you all so much for the beginner guides especially connecting the vesc to the nyko kama, which looked tricky at first.

If you are going for a VESC, go for at least 8S.

VESC and 6s is fine. I’ve got 3 6s boards, 2 of the use VESC’s.

Thanks! I left room to upgrade to 12s eventually and not need to upgrade the motor. I realize this means lower speeds for the time being.