My first DIY build so far

I am building a electric skateboard using the Evo falcon 36”, I saw how there has been a lot of trouble with people fitting their motor mounts under the deck, so I have taken advantage of torque boards direct drive system so put together a list. Please consider that this is my first diy build so I am playing it safe, going with the limited knowledge I know and the brands I know are good. I don’t think I need all that much torque on my board because I only weigh 50kg and there is close to 0 big hills around. Thanks, here’s the list…

1 x collections/pre-order/products/torqueboards-direct-drive-motor-kit (Getting the 3 motor type option, kegel adapter with 110mm wheels)

2 x collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

1 x collections/remote-controller

1 x collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s4p

1 x products/torque-esc-can-bus-connector

1 x products/dual-esc-xt90-parallel-connector

1 x products/male-to-male-servo-connector

1 x collections/battery-enclosures/products/12s4p-enclosure-v2

1 x

Is there anything else that I need to complete my first diy build, or any tips to successfully complete without any problems, I am a bit scared about stuffing up, but you got to start somewhere, why not now?

Would anyone recommend the Ruse 39 deck for the parts above?

Have you ever ridden any of those decks? Or anything close too them?

The evo and Ruse are going to ride very different due to the wedging the Evo has. Subsonic make some damn fine decks too, alot of people are building with them!

I’ve been riding cambered longboards with little to no wedging for most of my life and jsut got a full size evo and it is totally different, good but different.


Oh yea, your list looks solid. You may want to look through the first build thread at the random supplies people need, like extra connectors, wire, wire sleeves, weather stripping, etc. There’s alot that pops up down the road that that thread will help you prevent multiple trips to the hardware store!


I wouldn’t get:

  • The remote (overpriced, alot of other vendors sell it for way cheaper if you’ve going with either the nano or the mini remote.) If budget isn’t an issue, go with the Hoyt Puck Remote.
  • The TB VESC (You can’t run FOC on them, v.unreliable. get the unity or dual FESC6.6) You’d save yourself the trouble of buying and installing the can bus connector and a servo connector too.
  • The Enclosure (I’d had their enclosure crack on me lots of times. It feels very cheap. I’d go with @Eboosted or @psychotiller for your enclosures. Can’t go wrong with them.)
  • The Battery Pack (If you’re not getting their enclosure, there’s little point in purchasing the battery pack from them, considering they designed it for their enclosure.) You get can the packs from eboosted and psycho as well.

Cheers! Hope this helps.


That’s just not true, I have 2 boards with TB VESC’s, a singe and a dual, with literally thousands of miles on them. Both run FOC and have no issue. You see more go back for repair because he sell so damned many. They aren’t as robust as a FocBox but they are still very usable.


I beg to differ. Running TB vesc in foc no problem. 10 and 12s both.


@mmaner @J0ker3366 having a few cases that run FOC doesn’t make it reliable imho. Iirc, there’re many cases on this forum where TB VESCs have been reported to fail on FOC too. Personally, I’ve had it work on some builds, but not on others. I’ll still standby what I wrote - Unreliable.

I explained that.

If you have data on failure percentage, I’d like to see it. I can show you dozens of builds where they DO work. Making the statement “they dont work” when you don’t have the data to prove it is irresponsible. Maybe @torqueboards can provide that data.


Wait for it…


I have some stuff in the works. It does need to be reliable for everyone even the most beginner.

Edit opps it deleted… lol

But mostly user error for beginners. We have people riding in FOC 10-15 miles/day, 5 days week.


The FOC box is still a version 4.12 VESC, user error will kill those too! The new VESC from flysky still has QC issues from what I have seen.


Dude. It’s just my personal opinion, and fyi, i mentioned it’s unreliable, not that they don’t work, stop twisting my words. Im not here to pick a fight, start a debate, I’m merely trying to pass on my experiences as advice to this guy in hopes of helping him out. Jeez, talk about a sensitive topic.

Typically, we replace VESCs unless it’s totally negligent.


It wasn’t given as a personal opinion though. Read back through your post, you stated that they are very unreliable as if it was a proven fact, which it is not.

There are so many builds on this forum alone that have the TB VESC running FOC. Most of the failures I’ve seen is like what @mmaner and @torqueboards said, user error.

I agree with you that their are more “robust” solutions out there, but for the price, the TB VESC is a great beginner option for this guys build. As long as he doesn’t push it beyond its specs and pays attention when he is setting them up he should be totally fine!


Ill edit my OG post then. Everyone’s so touchy.

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See, this is why @torqueboards is a winner in my book. No annoying run around with customer service, no yelling in your face that their product is better than everyone elses, no blaming or besmirching of someones name because “you used copper, so did I, you stole my entire IP!!!”.

Just top notch customer service and great parts. Dexter really listens to the community and helps people out.

I messed up a pulley set from them, and it was my own fault, no questions asked…they sent me a brand new one.


Then say its your personal opinion. We have no comers on here everyday reading this stuff. People that listen and go off the first thing they read. Stop misdirectting people away from products on your own personal opinion. Again, @mmaner has said it and as have I, TB vesc are reliable in foc @ 10s and 12s.

@nuttyjeff no one is saying your wrong. Just saying get more data to your claim or say its your opinion. Please


Nobody is touchy, we just don’t like it when people spread misinformation. Some of our original Ollin VESC’s on 4.12 hardware are still in use and on FOC after several years of use.


I personally don’t see where anyone else but you got touchy here, they were merely stating facts and asked you for data on your “opinion” before throwing it out there.