My first E-board - twin big hub motors and custom trucks

One of my co-workers has been designing and planning an electric skateboard build for the last 2 or 3 months. Just to get on his nerves i built this up in 1 weekend to show him he was dragging his feet.

The deck was a leftover longboard from an old employee. I took the trucks apart and used the base and made new axles/swingers to fit the motors from a cheap Chinese hoverboard. Power comes from a 12s Lipo battery but this will be replaced with a 18650 pack once i have some spare time.

At first it was setup as 4wd with tiny 20 or 30amp ESC’s from a Quadcopter. The seller could not tell me the Kv of the motor so the first ssetup was way too slow as the ESC were only 6s.

The board when fron OK to pretty good once I got 2 VESC’s (my girlfriends company did a run of VESC so i got to test them!) and I gutted 2 of the motors. It is still very heavy but has great torque and works great in the city and off-road!


I CNC machined the trucks and only made 1 set but if their is interest I could make some more. The motors are so cheap it kinda defeats the purpose to use CNC trucks, since they are exspensive.


Very cool! I really admire the simplicity of hub motors. What are the motors’ specs?

I dont know the motor specs at ALL! My co-worker bought them from Taobao. They are the same motors used on the Chinese “Hoverboards”. We have day off here so I may be able to get some basic specs for you. They are REALLY heavy but have huge torque.

Mine are the same as these:

Looks great to me! Can I bother you for the weights of the hub motors and the entire setup? Top speed?

It is really heavy about 10-15 kg at least. Top speed is only about 20kph due to the KV of the hub motors. Thats fine since I just want to cruise to work and i typically dont wear a helmet

Nice build! Do you have some videos of it riding? Also is it possible to share the cad files for the trucks?