My first e-board

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful forum and people on it with their valuable insight. It has helped me a lot and I just wanted to share with you my very first Longboard. I tried to stay low on budget w/ somehow good components. With limited cash & tools , I am happy with the result. Here are specs: 213kv motor 2x 5s 5000mAh batteries in series Turningy sk8-ESC 83mm wheels cheap trucks from china :smiley: loop key w/ xt90 antispark battery LCD display 2,4ghz remote from china

PS: I havent tested it yet properly, just few houndred meters around block, however already LOVING it!

Happy holidays Richard


This looks great! Make sure you check ALL bolts after each ride the first couple times you take it out and you’ll probably need some Loctite.


Nice build, clean looking. Follow :arrow_up: and use Loctite 243


Really good work !

Exactly the spec that I wanted but I have 2 4S lol, thoses 5S looks great, you should get about 16Km range easily !

You think? it is just 5000mAh. If I get 16k, I would be more than happy :slight_smile:

I do think so, 5Ah is enough !

With my 2 4s 4500mah (4.5Ah) i have about 12K and you are in 5S with 5000mah, so you should get even more.

Idk which transmission are you using but with what you have in 15-36 you should reach 38Km/h with 17Km range !!

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Thanks, I will test it and let you know :wink:

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You guys can be lucky to have urethane wheels :sweat_smile: I get like 12km out of a 12s1p 5Ah pack with belts. :cry:

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It depends HEAVILY on how you ride it. I can kill a 5Ah battery in a few miles but I can also ride it for 8 miles (12.8km) if I’m easy on it, and still have juice left when I get home.

Hahaha but you can cross a sideway when we can’t !

b264 what’s for you the more economic ride type ? I mean obviously without carving, pushing at stops (I do it anyway because unsensored motor and belt wealth) and all, but does it is better to have a smooth and i’d say a sustained acceleration when cruising or to accelerate then let the board in free wheels ?

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Boys, just tested it today. Did 9km and was still sitting on 50% before shut off at 3.5v . My legs are still shaking :smiley: . so much fun and so much torque and speed…( Why do people need dual drive? I nearly craped my pants with this single one :smiley: ) did not have enough courage to go top speed, not even remotely :smiley: . really enjoying it!

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quick question, would normal deck made from veneers make a big difference in suspensing bumps on the road comparing to hard wood one of mine? I could feel quite a lot of bumps and holes on this deck. So maybe thats something that I could improve in future.