My first E-Skateboard (Lowrider)

Hey Guys.

I was following this forum for some months already and now almost finished my Electric Longboard.

I have a Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 with Bear Trucks that I used to convert into my electric longboard. The Motor is a 6374 with Hall Sensor from Maytech (170KV) The Battery is an Samsung INR18650-25R 12S2P.

I run the custom firmware from the Forum on the Maytech VESC. At first I was schocked how the motor accelerates - I had to make the throttle curve a lot lighter.

There are only some things I wonder maybe some of you guys could help me out ?

*** Since I only have 12S2P I set the Batt regen to -7A because I am afraid of overcharging when breaking - do you think this is a safe value? (and/or is there any other way to get better breaking without upgrading my battery pack?) **

*** My Turn radius is really bad and I am not sure if it’s the trucks or me just being a noob ? I think the trucks are not too tight because on acceleration I clearly get some insane wobbling - any ideas ? **

*** The board has a lot of torque (Motor pulley 16T and Wheel pulley 36T on 76mm wheels) so I am more than happy with uphill performance, I just seem to have traction problems - any recommendations ? **

Thanks to all of you for this great forum ! I am so glad to have you all :slight_smile: :raising_hand_man:



Nice build you got there! About your turn radius: If you never skated before, then its completely normal. After time you’ll get comfortable on your board and you’ll also get tighter turns.

I also had traction problems at first, are you riding goofy(right foot in front) or regular(left foot in front)? Your weight is more in the heel side, it could be that the motor is placed on the wrong side.

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Hey there :slight_smile: @FabianOdermatt Thanks - the carbon enclosures didn’t turn out very good - i had no vacuum bag or anything like this and pretty much just went for it :confused:

I did skate when i was very very young so probably last time was around 20 years ago :smiley:

I ride regular. I always try to shift weight to the front foot so that motor can get a grip - but I was thinking about trying to ride Rear Wheel Drive for a test… Should be better for Uphill I could imagine.

I am waiting for my 12S BMS so at the moment I just charged it once without a BMS to 48V … hope it will not ruin my pack…

What remote you use?

A lot of your turning radius issue is the trucks and wheel choice. I applaud you ‘making it work’ though. I would suggest larger wheels and wider trucks, those are 176mm? Larger wheels and wider trucks will give you a more stable platform at speed and a more lean without wheel bite… Try some harder bushings board side as well.

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Maytech MTSKR1512 is my remote

Yeah was not easy to get this low riding board working everything was a struggle… from mounting the motor to fitting a idler pulley on that small motor mount and other issues on mounting the battery pack, vesc etc. to keep the same flex of the board. I kinda wanted to roll with the lowriding profile and if there is another way I would like to keep that. I ordered Bones Double Action Bushings (91A) though for testing… let’s see if that makes any difference at all.


Today I got my BMS… its an 80A BMS so I think I will also let it handle the discharge not only the charging. For now I have a 12S2P pack but I will upgrade to 12S3P for better Regen Breaking.

I also invested in some Bone Double Action Bushings with flat washers - didn’t test them out yet because I dont have a case at the moment (but Psychotiller enclosure should arrive soon)…

Upgraded to 12S3P 8000mah today. And the BMS seems to do a very nice job. Can’t wait to try my new pack once the weather get’s better

And I also added a small battery capacity status LED Bar that can be seen while riding


What is that BMS? Would love to check cells on my phone.

EDIT: found one. IOS app would be nice.

What is it

Its that one guys:

Since my Psychotiller case will take some time for shipping I just prepped up a quick DIY Tape mount for a test ride of the new battery… The acceleration and torque is insane… when going uphill i need only 20 % throttle to go up really fast… even very steep hills will feel like i am going on a flat surface. Also the app calculated around 50 km Range with my style of driving which is crazy good (while not 100% realistic but when i can get 20-30 km i will be happy)

BT BMS would be nice but once again it’s huge AF and I prefer as stealthy look as possible which isn’t possible with that big BMS.

Fair enough, i go safety and function first though.

Ok so almost finished my build now. Thanks to the psychotiller enclosure it looks clean now. Changed from a 80A to a 60A BMS which fits nicely into my enclose with the 12S3P Li-Ion 18650 Pack. Also have Bluetooth modules for both BMS and the VESC. No need to open the case anymore… Luxury…


Small update… MBS All Terrain Wheels :slight_smile:


My kind of deck. Only beef I have with it is that it is too short. I ride a similar blank deck double kick dropthrough 42 inch and I even find that one too short.

Hoping to get one custom made one day when cash flow is on the uppity and make it at least 46 inch.


For me it’s perfect… a good compromise at least. It is very flexible and bouncy (I designed the battery pack and mounted the enclosure that way… the battery pack is split into 4 segments so the board can bounce and flex almost like the stock landyachtz deck).

Mostly the boards that can be bought on complete ESK8’s are not my kind of thing… So have to go DIY

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