My first EBoard build Finalzed

Electronic Long board project

This is what I just ordered so far

Deck - $120 cutch killbilly 36.0 in deck stiff

Trucks - $55 Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks - white/gold

Wheels - $27 90mm abec flywheels clones from eBay

Motor - $71 Turnigy 6354 260kv

Mount/pulley - $106 single 50mm motor mount with 16t/36t pulley abec wheel drive TB

Speed controller (esc) - $99 VESC BLDC speed controller TB

Controller - $60 torque-board nana 2.4ghz

Battery - $34 I bought four turning 5000mah5s Lipo’s

Enclosure - $20-30 Walmart fishing snap box cases

Electrical/connectors - $25 I have 2 4mm Hxt series conector

$60 On, Off from TB

$10 Nylon XT 90 connector 5 pairs

$2 male to male server

$15 VESC programmer

Charger $38 SkyRC B6 professional charger

$8 power adapter

$20 hobby lipo balance charging board 6s

So I’ve ordered everything above. I think I’ve made some mistakes but I’ll run you guys down with my plan. I plan to run 2 lipo batteries in series and have an interchangeable pack in series. I figured I could just flip the board the board over and change the battery pack for more distance saving weight and soldering. I’m hoping this is almost a plug and play kit besides the configuring and drilling for enclosures. I was wanting this thing to do 30mph. I need some help.

After my post earlier looks like I have to buy a 190kv motor! That’s the last thing I’d need correct?

If you are going to run a 10s battery then a 260kv motor could be problematic, could kill the DRV on the VESC.

Make sure you order a 63mm motor mount since you plan on using a 6374, you listed the 50mm one. Also, I would avoid the nano remote, but that’s my personal opinion. And you could save $15 by not getting a VESC programmer, you don’t absolutely need it to get up and running if you get a TB VESC.

So the VESC I ordered is plug and play?

Not exactly, you swill need to configure the VESC using the BLDC tool, but you dont need the programmer, its for loading firmware which the TB VESC already has.