My first esk8 accident today

I was riding in the bike lane today around 4:30pm going at about 20mph. Light turned yellow as I was approaching the intersection and I felt like I could make it since I’ve done it on this route before. Driver decided to turn right without signaling and I managed to swerve at the last second, got thrown off running towards the sidewalk then tripped on the curb. Board got run over but somehow made it out without any damage xept my enclosures are fucked.

Been riding for about 4 months now and it seems like cars turning into a bike lane seems to be the most dangerous situation. I’m also at fault since I wasn’t wearing any form of light and it was getting somewhat dark outside.

I guess the moral of the story is make sure you have high visibility!!! I’m gonna be a moving christmas tree from today onwards…


That is a good idea but not always enough. You have got to ride defensively. Approach all intersections with caution. Never assume that cars will give you the right of way. Try to anticipate trouble before it happens.


I apply what my motorcycle instructor told me.

pretend and assume everyone on the road is trying to kill you. it’s your job to not allow them.


Good that your ok, make sure to thoroughly inspect electronics and battery in particular


Learned motorcycling that way too. I apply it when I ride my bike and motorcycle, I believe it helps a ton !

I almost get hit by cars about every time I ride.


I realized it very fast that (e)skating in traffic you are far more invisible than an bicycle, even in daylight. I’ve also had couple of accidents when car just decided to suddenly turn or/and forgot to use turn signal.


Is it your right of way there? I was looking at your bare hands and thinking ouch!


It’s in my neighborhood and think it was a 4 way stop. But she was accelerating after she saw me, and definitely driving too quick in a school zone. I admit I was at fault, I assumed she would slow. I believe pedestrians (or bikes, skateboards, etc) should always be given the right of way, especially in a residential settings.


My biggest problem for me is when i ride in LA, is that one the roads are either really bad and not flat and wobbly and have potholes or they dont have a bike line and when they do its a really bad bike lane.So what i end up having to do is basically ride the closest to the edge of the street and parked cars and its usually hard to go fast and be in such a tight space, i recently had a incident were i was probably going about 32 on my way to school and no more than id say 40ish meters or around there someone opens there door parked on the street and a car being right next to me. I had little to no time to react and i knew my brakes were not going to stop at this speed with that distance so i either hit the door and take it like a man or hard break and fall of the board, and i did just that i hard braked and flew off the board but i had my backpack that had my other bag and i landed on my back and just slid basically with my backpack taking all the damage, and the problem with that is that people like that dont look and just full swing there doors open. i was not injured besides my backpack and my hands with a little scratches my board was fine thats all that i cared about now i kinda ride not so fast on my way to school now


High visibility is not enough.

Here is what happened to me. I was riding in Berkeley, CA on a small residential road in the evening. I stoped at an intersection at a 4 way stop sign. I had 2 lights attached to my helmet (front & blinking red back light) plus 2 lights on the board. I also had a light and visible sweatshirt on me. Then I saw a turning car driving right at me. I was able to jump to a side at the last moment. The car drove right over my board. Luckily, the only damage was that the hanger on the front truck of my board broke in half.

When I talked to a driver, he told me that he just did not see me. I think that he was a little drunk. But the lesson I learned is:

Don’t assume that car drivers will see you even if you have lights all over you.


Never ever ever assume that, Also you really had more than enough room to squeeze by :yum:

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Ha I was trying to go straight


Was riding my board in a bike lane about a year ago when a car turned without signalling or looking into a parking lot crossing right over the bike lane and I ran straight into it. At the time I had a single Carvon V2 Hub with a X-Car ESC so pretty much the worst combination for braking lol, even though I didn’t have much time to brake anyways. I ran into the front right wheel and went right over the hood, thankfully I had a helmet on and just hurt my knees and palms a little. It was totally there fault but I did do some damage to the car, broke the outer plastic part to the wheel rim and dented the side a little. It’s funny I still have the chip on the front of my deck from where it happened. Oh and it was the middle of the day and a VERY visible bike lane having completely yellow lanes and even being separated from the main road with a small barrier, about as safe as a bike lane can get, or at least I thought lol.

But by far the worst part about the incident, was the casualties… it’s sad to say, but I had just stopped at a Krispy Kreme and was carrying a box of a dozen fresh donuts when the incident occured. Approximately half the donuts where utterly destroyed while the rest suffered major injuries…

On a serious note though I was very thankful I had my helmet on and if I had wrist guards probably would have spared my hands a bit. Oh and I also fell off my board about a week or two ago cause it just like randomly turned off while I was accelerating. When I got the board my push button was literally just un-latched like something had bit the button and tunes it off, weird. And like @Jedi said, yeah I almost get hit almost anytime I ride my board, either a car turning, pulling out or just not paying attention.


Sorry to hear that. Stay safe guys.

What I could advise you on is : do the same signaling with wide arms when you plan on turning or stuff, and be ready to brake at any intersection or try riding on the side where cars don’t / can’t turn.

At least it helps prevent some situations.

Btw @JdogAwesome how about you help me sort out my soft-latch switch wiring so we make a one for you ? Could be interesting not to bother again with random disconnection/unlatch.

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Speaking about power buttons…

I always thought that they are unsafe precisely because of this scenario. On my first built I had a spacecell battery with a power button, and it was so easy to turn it on and off by accident. So I was always paranoid about it.

Now I use

  1. XT90S plug (no power button, no anti spark switch)

  2. No fuse


If you have a headlight, it helps to pan that beam of light across their eyeballs a few times.

Lateral motion i.e. weaving or carving quickly will help to be seen.

Without that lateral motion, you are completely invisible. You just blend into the background.

One or two swerves gives a driver more context or perspective, it greatly increases the chance that they will see you.

It works well in most cases, and can keep you from getting run over.

No weaving;

And the weave…

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I don’t usually carry my GoPro, but I wish I had been this summer.

I was downtown, just cruising, no specific destination. Out of nowhere a new camaro turns into the bike lane, turning left on red without stopping. I saw him coming and all I could do was dive. I did this Dukes of Hazzard style slide across his hood, landed on my feet. My board went under his car, and I guess I hit the brake, and stopped right beside me. After about a half a second I turned towards the guy, did finger guns and rode off into the sunset. Total accident but fuggin epic as hell :slight_smile:


After experiencing riding a bicycle as my main form of transportation in SoCal, I’ve learned it’s best to assume every car has a blind and stupid as hell driver behind the wheel. It sucks, but people in cars believe they own the road and won’t give two shits about anyone who isn’t in one, which makes for very dangerous situations for the rest of us.

Ride defensively, stay aware, and like some people said, it’s probably a better mindset to think everyone is out to kill you, so do your best to not let them.

Hell, one time a bunch of drunk pedestrians tried to push me off my bike, with the goal of getting me to fall right in front of incoming traffic. True story.


Grandpa who were the Dukes of Hazzard? .