My first esk8 build, any thoughts, suggestions


This is my first build of esk8, drop through longboard.

It’s 6354 270kv motor, battery 6s2p lion sony vtc4, Fs ESC mini 4.2, sprocket are 06b1/9, 06b1/18 and chain 06b1, motor mount is Alu 10mm thick with skf20 M6 bolts.

Wheels are70mm, with 4 holes, of wich only 2 are used (M4) because guy (because I don’t have required tools) who drilled holes was probably drunk and didn’t get it straight. All bolt’s are self locking.

Esk8 was tested for about 15-20km, it was good, no issues. When going uphill there’s sufficient power (am about 95kg). The vesc tool app is showing around 500 watts of power (uphill), and around 50w for leveled 10-15km/h and 150w for 15-20, and around 350w when accelerating. Also below 5w/km (easy Rider).

Temperature is for leveled around 40-50 Celsius, and for hill goes to 70 Celsius (is this safe temperature for longer run or to hoot?).

Picture attached

Give your thoughts and suggestion

All best to everyone


158 degrees (70c) sounds a bit warmish but not too hot. Might be ok for now but I would consider a higher cell count battery setup. Maybe 10s is in order. 209 lbs is ligher than what my scale says, lol.

If you went with a higher cell count you’d need a motor with a lower kv. Guessing something like 190kv or so. And the motor you have is guaranteed to get dinged up without some sort of shield or cover.

Recommend taking it easy up hills. Congrats on your successful build.

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