My first esk8 build.. help needed

As you probably can see, I’m new to all this “electric longboards”. I have recently startet at my build. So i started off by buying som electronics from hobbyking. The items I bought was one “Turnigy sk3 245kv” motor, a" hobbyking 100A SBEC" esc, some 6s batteries and a “Hk-gt2b 3 ch” transmitter and reciever. I soldered on some EC3 connectors, and connected everything. First it did’nt work, until i understood that you needed to pull the trigger before you connected the batteries, to the ESC. But now I have an issue that for stopping the motor I need to pull in the trigger. When i slip it, the motor starts running? Do anyone know what the problem may be? Help is appreciated!

Trim on the remote?

Maybe need to calibrate the throttle range, have you done this?

Have tried the throttle trim, with no result. How do i calibrate the thottle range?