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My first inexperienced build. Guidance needed

After much frustration and confusion, I have gathered the following parts. Can someone please alert me of any incompatibilities before I waste a few hundred bucks?

  1. DIY’s 6374 230KV 3200W motor
  2. DIY’s mono motor mech kit
  3. TorqueBoards 12S 120A Car ESC OPTO HV
  4. x2 Zippy 3s 5000mah 20C LiPo’s
  5. TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller
  6. XT90 anti spark set
  7. Homemade deck
  8. Anything else?

I am a newish builder as well, but I think if you are using 2 3s batteries, which will be hooked up in seriesl, they will work as 6s, so there is no need to use a 12s ESC

Oh but he has the option to move up to 12s…

Keep that shit

That is exactly what I was thinking. I could easily upgrade to a 12S system down the road for about $50

Yeah that’s true! :smile:


Take a read

But you did make a good point, I could save $70… tough choice, but I will probably just stick with this

70 now…more later

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Yep. That is why ill just stick with the 12s ESC. btw that calculator is very useful. Thanks