My first test ride with no failures and lots of fun! [video & pics]

Hi Everyone,

I finally had a test ride with absolutely no failures. My setup is :

  • APS 3.2kw 240kv 6374
  • 9mm HTD5 belt
  • 2 x 3s 5000mah Zippy Compact
  • VESC
  • HM-10 bluetooth
  • Turning 9XR remote for now
  • 3D print mount, gears

I rode it around 5km, my batteries were 11.9v each at the end (Correction: Batteries weren’t full in beginning I just noticed). My gears and belt tension is not perfect yet. Also I had to stop and start a lot because I rode it city.

Yesterday, I had a scary near-accident though. It was my stupid mistake. I used VESC Android App for actual ride, although it is not advised for real driving use. It got out of control going full speed, luckily I jumped off while it was still slow. It hit to a wall, broke gears and stopped.

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Geesus …

You need to get a bigger remote lol

I used a quadcopter controller remote for a while too originally… so bad, uncomfortable, and not portable.

Nice work!

We all love the feeling when shit doesn’t break :slight_smile: