My FIRST (trash) BUILD!

one week ago I finished my first build, it wasn’t cheap, it has a lot of fails I think. Worst part is electronics case/box, I plan to change for STÖDJA box from Ikea but then I don’t know how to mount electronics directly to deck (here I need your help, photos or anything). max speed 30km/h (I weight 55kg or so) range about 10km To make it easier to understand here are parts I used and photos of “final” product

two 3s 5Ah Lipo turnigy batteries (I can have 4 but the speed I get on two is nough) Please don’t kill me for that build :frowning:


Dude I have a stodja box for an enclosure and mounted my battery to the deck after reinforcing the deck in that spot. Hopefully in the next couple days I will get a new charging port in the mail and can get back up and running. When I open her up again I’ll take some pics and post them here. I would recommend against the Ikea box if possible though, it’s probably worse quality than your box, which I don’t think is trash.

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Velcro! Velcro is my favorite way to mount to the board or enclosure. Also since it’s soft it tends to act as a shock absorber as well.


What can I use instead of current my box (its 2 times thicker than it should be)

That’s what I did. I reinforced the spot where I wanted the battery with some steel reinforcement and ran the Velcro between that and the deck. I also wrapped the battery in foam just to provide some extra padding since I don’t trust the stodja, which name keeps reminding me of Stoya, whom I would rather bolt onto my deck.

So this is how I have it. I’m sure it’s overkill, but I wanted the battery on the deck without worrying about my fat ass compromising any cells when going over bumps. It’s worked well so far, but it adds probably a lb or two of weight.


What I do is have the adhesive Velcro. Have One part on the board/enclosure, and one part on the part

Personally using a 3D printed enclosure for the batteries, I reinforced the inside of it with some duck tape. I used gorilla glue brand it’s really thick and seems pretty strong I just lined the inside of the enclosure with it, works pretty well (I’ve still had to occasionally remelt everything together with some acetone slurry but not great to be breathing that stuff at all).

Steel holding the velcro straps seems like a pretty good idea too, I was wanting to just let them hang in the box and wrapped them up in foam so they can move a little if the board makes a sudden stop (hits a curb or a wall), figure it’s better if they have a little wiggle room in some foam to absorb the impact.

You might consider using your current box as a mold for making a carbon fiber/epoxy based box and you could get away with a lot thinner and end up with something super awesome looking and probably pretty tough, but need to get some vacuum bags and a few other bits and bobs and will probably take some time to learn if you don’t have experience with it.

The wood box is pretty cool as is IMO too you could just clean it up a little bit and give it some paint or wood finish if you want to stick with the au natural look (would need to do that if you went the mold route anyhow too). Only down side I see with using a wood enclosure really is it’ll make the board stiff and maybe a bit heavier (especially being as long as it is). Good to do the two enclosure setup with one for the ESC(s) in the back box and batteries in a separate box up front I think is the typical layout to leave the middle of the board more room to flex (assuming it’s a flexible board in the first place).

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Yeah i have foam on the underside of the battery. For now the stodja box is working ok, but when I upgrade my battery sometime hopefully soon, I will also upgrade my enclosure. Carbon fiber sounds fun but also like a huge undertaking.

@Wubbalubbadubdub Can I use aluminum bracket on left and right of batteries (red lines on photo) with slot for cables insteed of steel plate? part of bracket will go underneath the betteries

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I don’t see why not. However, it looks like your bracket might be weighty. I chose what I did because it’s not too large and heavy and would still provide stiffness and support for the battery. Just my two cents.

nah, alluminum is very light and since it’s bracket it is stiff af, thanks for help

Hi, I’ve been away for some time. I did one big update for this project, glasfiber+carbonfiber enclosure. Very light and it survived one crash

It’s not perfect but works just fine. First time I used that material :slight_smile:

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