My flipsky 4.20 dual is acting terrible. Or the remote, who knows?

So, in short, its quite common that the remote gets disconnected from the board, or when i go full gas or full brake i feel that it cuts out (i belive its a different problem and ive might got it fixed,altho these two might be connected) remote still disconnects sometimes, thats more important, ive nearly died going downhill like that. any clue? it comes back to life and reconnects if i turn the remote off and then on again thats how im still alive maybe overheating? i checked the terminal, no faults. vesc and the whole board stays on, only the remote gets disconnected. maybe somethings interfering with the signal? or just simply the Flipsky quality.

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Maybe DRV faults. If its that, it’s toast.

Cutting out sounds more like BMS.

Placement of the Receiver is important.

There should be a small sqiggly line on the end of the receiver furthest from the wires. This is the Antenna.

Keep the Antenna away from all the things that could affect it:

  • Power Cables
  • Phase Cables
  • Hot Glue
  • Metal
  • Carbon Fibre

Any of these will affect the signal strength. If you can get your remote connection stable, then you can find out if you have another issue.

Not a problem anymore. my friend crashed, the remote got moderately fucked, tried to use it one last time, it got stuck on max throttle, fell at around 55km/h. gotta buy a new remote bc i trashed this one with my fall

(noone got hurt just a few bruises)

always wear your helmets guys! stay safe