My homebrew vesc plus doesn't work

Nice to meet you. I am new to this forum. Also my English is a little strange, but please forgive me.

I started to create Vesc6.5 (vesc plus) which is mentioned in the document for studying my circuit. Also, when creating this circuit, we are trying to reduce costs and cutting some functions. (Nrf, mpu9250, etc.)

Then I soldered the parts, turned on the power, and wrote the firmware. And when I turned it on, the red LED on my vesc flashed 3 times. If you connect to VESC TOOL and enter “fault” in the terminal, “FULRT_CODE_DRV” will be displayed, and if you enter “drv8301_print_faults”, "| FETLC_OC | FETHC_OC | FETLB_OC | FETHB_OC | FETLA_OC | FETHA_OC | OTW | OTSD | P VDD_UV | | "Is displayed.

I looked at various forums and rewrote the firmware and replaced the DRV chips (I changed 4 DRV chips).

What should i do?

I will give you an image for reference. Thank you.

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might have more luck on the vesc forum, or one of the other more active PEV forums where the techies hang out. like endless sphere or

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Thank you! I’ve already heard something similar on the vesc forums. So I will go to etc. Let me be the reference!