My issue with Enertion. (Part II)


I sent you a mail +24h ago, It’s up to you (or your staff) to answer me… The first answer I got was saying the package was incomplete but haven’t given any details, so it was not precice.

I tried to call the +61404012318 but nobody is answering.

what next ?

Its the weekend here mate. At least give him a chance to respond during office hous.

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Of course… Yesterday was also the weekend ? The first mail I sent them was precise: the DHL invoice says I paid for the “mono drive R-SPEC Pro” kit, but in the package, the motor, the wheels, 1 truck etc etc are missing.

I wonder If I have received the package of somebody else !? I wonder if “partially shipped” on their website include parts that I should have received according to the DHL invoice for wich I have paid custom taxes.

And I don’t understand why my topic has been locked. I just want to know if it is normal, if somebody else had the same experience.

I would be reinsured. Thank you for the support.

Wait till Monday and follow up with support. They do sometines send parts shen they get them. I think onloop is finally over having these issues on this forum. Just deal with them direct. I think you have made your point. Hence why he locked it. He told you to contact support.

This forum is not designed for you to ask about your order status.

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