My issue with Enertion

Hello, I would like your opinion.

Here is what I have ordered at Enertion.

1 x VESC-STANDARD 1 x SPACE CELL PRO3 Electric Skateboard Battery (Upgrade to Fast Charger 40% OFF: FAST CHARGER - Was $129 Now $78) (Shipping from 30th Sep 2016) 1 x Mono Drive R-SPEC Pro (Get 64% Off Spare Belts Now Only: 4 Spare Belts - Was $67.85 Now $23.95

I have ordered a full skateboard minus the deck.

2 days ago, I have received 1 parcel containing:

  • a tiny box with the VESC:
  • a little box containing :

-1 truck

  • bearings
  • 2 spacers
  • The wheel pouley
  • 4 belts

In my DHL invoice, I can see I have paid the customs for:

“Mono Drive R-SPEC Pro” “9mm Enertion Drive Belts” “VESC-Standart”

So, the question is : is it a common way to receive the “Mono Drive R-SPEC Pro” incomplete ? Or did I get the package of somebody else ?

The status of my order is Partially Shipped, but as they didn’t sent the BATTERY + CHARGER I don’t know if they consider they have sent the “Mono Drive R-SPEC Pro” completely as I have no vision on their website.

-The motor is missing -1 truck is missing -the wheels are missing -motor mount is missing. -the screws are missing

and even the motor pulley is missing, the sirclips etc…

What am I about to assemble with what they sent ? As I haven’t ordered separated parts why did they sent the “Mono Drive R-SPEC Pro” partially, and why I have paid customs taxes for parts that were not in the package ?

Thanks for your ideas.

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