My kaly 2.0 has arrived!

My kaly 2.0 has arrived and I have made a quick unboxing video , absolutely love this board , I loved my kaly 1.0 so this has a lot to live up to

hope you like it


Hey I’m looking to buy the kaly xl2.0. I’m currently riding the Halo Board 2 but the range sucks due to battery sag. I only get a few miles out of it and to be honest I get beet up with all cracks and uneven side walks in Miami. Its time for an upgrade. First I’m wondering how much the Kaly Xl 2.0 weighs which I’ve scoured the internet for and can’t find a strait answer. Second I want to get the superfly wheels just in case I don’t like the pneumatic tires. Does anyone know if they are plug and play on this board and if so is there enough clearance with the battery pack below the board. Lastly I’m 150 lbs but am thinking I might want the Hard deck instead fo the medium. It sounds like since I’m used to a carbon fiber board which is stiff and like to ride fast this might be the way to go. Any input?