My lil beach.......board

Got my main board for group rides and distance. Just its a pain in the ass to carry it at festivals or markets. Decided to make one smaller one thats easier to carry.

Omen mini board 10s3p 30q 4.12 Single ems 6374 200kv 90mm popoca Og janux mount Kayak handle

20190513_000246-01 20190512_192728 20190504_002313 20190504_141851-01


Nice build

I’m thinking something similar with one of my spare street plant decks using up all my “spare” parts that I’ve got lying around from upgrades

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Same. All spare parts except battery

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Same, except I bought everything new even though I said I would use up all my spares that I still have here and will use at some point in the future™


You have a link to the deck you used?

Is that vinyl wrap CF or true CF?

I got it off of ebay for 5 bucks. I couldnt find the board online anywhere else

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Just a wrap