My Lipo charging box setup what have i missed?

Okay so basically i set out to make a better way to keep my lipo chargers. Previously i just had them permanently on a bench but after moving recently I’m short on space

my old charging setup

I decided to go with a plastics box (pelican ripoff)

It successfully holds a 1200w server powersupply and 3 chargers.

Because i live in a very hot climate i also added 4 60mm 12v fans all pushing into the box and out the powersupply adding ti its own fan.

I will be adding (when it shows up) heatsink to the powersupply and chargers.

That is the finished results atm. Still needs a usb charging port, voltage indicator and exra 12v ports to hook up more chargers. Also a voltagein so i can power it off a battery if i want

Anything i should add or have missed?


Very nice ! I steal you the idea. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: Im not the first to do it. Originally seen it on a fpv racing page.


maybe leave a bit of space for the lipos to rest while charging?

a quick voltage check station? Build that blue cell checker top right in pic#1 into the case somewhere

Yea that’s a good idea thanks. normally im only charging 1300mah packs ( racing drone) so it has plenty of room. Anything larger to much larger will only be 1 pack per charger

nice! @MoeStooge we need a few of these for race days!

Would get the job done for sure.

Makes it really easy to take to the field.