My motor are noisy and not showing detections

My motor are noisy and not showing detections

Cool…my motor are orange and grey


pictures or it never happended!

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open the can and have a look why it is like that.

What motors? Are they new? When did this start? Details

solution ^

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Sorry i didnt get u

No its a new motor motor is running perfactly but motor dection is no happning its big ebike motor

Haha sorry man, I was just being a dick.

If it’s noisy it could have a busted bearing or some grit or stones in there.

If it’s not running the detection make sure all connections are good and there is no load on the motor

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this comment was not to you. to you was the comment to open the motor and have a look what cause the bad sound. by the way pictures always good, or as min some more information. which motors do you have. big ebike motors can be a lot.

its a ebike motor i even opened motor nothing is there wen i talked to them they said it might be due to no motor dection

Like a bike hub motor or mid drive? They are pretty big. I would try using a lot more amps for detection. The VESC standard is 5-10amps bump it up by 10 or 20amps.

no its normal 500w out runner motor

Dude, what about beeing precise? A Motor can be noisy due to many problems. It would be the Best if you tell us some Details an provide some pictures like @Andy87 said…

  1. Pictures
  2. Do you know the Name of the Motor
  3. Which Esc do you use exactly
  4. Did the Motor worked already once?
  5. If so, when did it get noisy?
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in foc its perfect

it gets noise only in bldc foc works perfect

Dude, people can’t help if you can’t provide sufficient details. Please edit the post to include pictures, videos, motor specs, vesc settings, etc.

If it is only noisy in bldc then it’s probs just the wine of the motor. If you can take a video we can help otherwise we can’t.

It’s always noisier in BLDC … can you post a video???