My motor had some problems, opened up, does this look normal?

Looks normal to me. The stator and the rotor look fine, however. Does it make any weird noise before you disassembled it such as magnet hitting the stator?

yes it did that was the problem and then it started to give resistance and it took a ton of time to take it apart.

is that a big problem?

What resistance? Resistance when you tried turning the motor by hand when connected to the ESC or when disconnected from the ESC.

when spinning the motor by hand and when connected. When connected it spun a little but had resistance and it sounded like something was banging around in it

is this totally shot or can I fix it?

@dg798 you can always fix it, it’s just a question of how much effort you’re willing to put into it. The description sounds like you have a short in the windings, or the wires that go to them.

I’d check all the visible parts of the windings for scraped insulation or damage, as well as the wires that go to them.

If the problem is the external wires, that’s easy.

If it’s the windings themselves, you’ll have to rewind the motor.

It’s a little involved to rewind a motor, but not impossible. I’ve done it for smaller motors, just not one that large.

What’s this, is it loose?

Also is that a dent on the bearing seal :point_up_2:

yeh I decided to buy an sk3 192kv. Just ordered it

Usually it’s the shaft that fails

is the sk3 a good motor

Yes it is what most people started with, good price, easy to get, most people have moved on to fancier motors

is it as good as say a TB motor?

if you use the search function you will find the answer.

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