My motor is not spinning. Help!

Hey guys. Yesterday I set up everything on the vesc tool and my motor was spinning fine, but today when I tested it my motor was not spinning. It moves a little and makes a little buzzing/beeping noise (I am using keyboard input on the Vesc tool). I will attach a video of it here. (I have the sk3 6354 260kv with and 8s 2p lipo battery and a flipsky Mini FSESC 4.20.)

Did you run a motor detection?

Yeah, I did. Same exact thing happened. I’m not sure of it’s the ESC or the motor itself.

What’s the result of the motor detection? Do you get any faults after? You can check it in the vesc tool. Typ faults in the console.

Hey, when I run motor detection it says bad motor detection, but when I type faults in the terminal it says “No faults registered since startup”

Is it a sensored motor? If so, one of your sensor wires or hall sensors could be shot, make motor detection unsensored.

Hey, it’s not a sensored motor and I’ve been running the motor detection sensorless.

Well if it says bad motor detection that is your issue. You should post the screenshot of the settings you have.

Have you set your battery cutoffs?

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Yes, I have.

Do you guys have any idea why there is a bad motor detection? I’ll post the settings soon.

Also, nothing looks burnt on my esc and my motor looks fine. I’m not sure what the heck is going on.

If I got it right your motor is directly mounted to the wheel? You also made motor detection like this? If yes, they to do motor detection without load. I mean no wheel attached. Could be the reason why you get a bad results.

Hey, it’s not attached on my wheel. It’s just resting on there. (I didn’t receive my mount yet and I’m impatient) I’m not sure why this happened.

Guys now my motor isn’t even spinning. Wtf.

Your phase wires connected properly? Which battery you use? Is the battery connected properly?

I soldered the phase wired directly to my esc and my batteries are connected by anti spark xt90 connectors. They’re connected correctly.

Can you upload a picture how the solder joins look?

They’re heat shrinked

How you could solder your phase wires on if it’s heatshrinked?