My motor jump off the board


today was my second run with the eboard and i had a problem, i was ridding on a street with some cracks and i think that the vibration has loosened the two screws between the truck and motor mount (both from enertion) so the motor jump off the board.

luckily the engine works and only has a few scratches.

i tried to put some thread locker (zap z-71 red), this is a good solution?


It won’t ever hold unless you put thread lock on it. That should solve your problem

Had a loose engine once even with Tread locker. Be sure your screw is clean and better use a bit too much. (Better than not enough)

If you put red loctite you may never get it off. I prefer blue loctite and torquing those screws

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+1 for blue loctite. Red is supposed to be almost permanent.

I use blue. Red can’t be taken off without lots of heat.