My motor mount design

Here’s my design for a motor mount. The cheapest way to have this design made would be on a router table, I have a shop locally that has done work for me before, but I don’t remember their limitations, or how much it cost. Anyway, I just wanted to share this design. It is very similar to many others; in mostly stoked because, I just made this model now, on my phone! Yeah, I love technology.

Pretty solid phone CAD capabilities haha

If you want feedback- you need to have a channel on the motor plate for belt tensioning. Also unless the mount is made of steel it is too thin.

Which App is that???

Onshape. It’s a web based modeling program that can be completely free. I believe it’s made by a bunch of former Inventor & Solid Works employees.

To be fair I started this one on the computer, and finished it on my phone. But my mark 1 one-piece was done entirely on my phone.

Try plethora, they have 250$credit