My new build Trampa HS11

Hi all,

This is my new and first build :tada:

Also thanks to @trampa, @flipskytech01, @Idea, @Eboosted for the products and tips/help.


  • Deck: Trampa HS11 16 ply deck
  • Trucks: Infinity ATB spring trucks
  • Springs: barrels
  • Tyres: 8 Inch 5 Spoke SUPERSTART/ URBAN TREADS Tyres 6.5 Inch


  • Enclosure: HS11 /HolyPro 35 DS


  • ESC: Dual FSESC6.6 200A
  • Motors: 2 x 6384 190 KV Motors
  • Anti spark: Anti spark Switch Smart Enhanced 200A
  • Remote: VX2 Pro


  • Battery: 12S8P Samsung 30q


  • Drive: belt drive 60t x 15t motor


Nice build man!

You should also post it in https://forum./ it’s much more active these days


It’s true… forum. is now on the top :slight_smile:


@Idea always wondered why you never created a sales topic there, and only have it in here.

Other than that back to the topic: Are you using two different parts for the baseplate and the hanger? It seems like the baseplate is a vertigo one, and the truck is an infinity one. You bought them separately and assembled them after? It looks a bit weird to see this kind of combination haha.

Hi Stan8,

I don’t know what you mean with this, but maybe it is me because I’m new in this. But I have bought per supplier one order and assembled this all together :tada:

And for sure there are always steps what can be different, but everything is working fine and I had fun with it to build this :smile:

Maybe later I will build another one for fun/sale :innocent:

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It’s two different hangers

If you look at these complete trucks, it seems like you mixed a baseplate of one, with the hanger of another one. Nothing’s wrong but it’s the first time I ever see this so it felt a bit weird. :sweat_smile:

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Wow indeed. I didn’t notice this. I have bought the Trampa board as a set. Strange this is a different combination. Don’t know why Trampa have made this choice. For sure with a good reason!? (Hope so)


No. It was my choice… Didn’t look good. But i have done this for the color. The Infinity is chrome color and the Vertigo is in black. And my base plan is black with red :tada::+1:


Because now I have little time for productions … therefore I do not offer anything an forum.

I am coming back to the world of eSK8 in May, now I am working on several prototypes


Hey look, ma! I did it!