My New Electric Skateboard Company

Hi Everyone, My name is Mike Beard. I run a youtube channel that consists of Vlogs and travel films. I posted a few videos about how I made my electric skateboard. 150,000 combined views later, many commenters urgerd me to just create my own company. So I did.

Introducing the MBoard.

If you are interested in a powerful Electric Skateboard with great range at an affordable price, this is the board for you. With a top speed of 25+mph and a range of 10 Miles, this board is perfect for most Electric Skateboarders.

Check out the full scale store here:


83mm is not large, it’s about the minimum for an electric skateboard, better go 90-97mm I think you are not allowed to use the name VESC in your product


Enertion uses it in their products.

Enertion use FocBox

They call it the VescX.

Oh damn I guess they changed the name. It used to be called that when I bought one

No disrespect to you, I mean, good luck to you, but really what you’re doing is assembling readily available DIY parts to make up a board… I mean belt, mount & motor from torqueboards… DIY pulleys… Most ‘ready made’ boards have something to differentiate themselves from the DIY community or other retailers, your board, whilst it looks like it’s a good board, is no better than a lot of the DIY boards we see here in the community and in some circumstances, like some of the boosted clones we’ve seen, a bit worse.

For someone who wants to board but doesn’t have the DIY skills I think you may have a market, but most of the members here would look at your board and imagine they could do better themselves…

Like I said, I don’t mean to piss on your fire but I think you need a differentiator.


Which of those parts is carefully handmade ? :smirk:

You might want to state hard facts for e.g. the battery pack ? (V, Ah) The screw on enclosure looks a bit sloppy tho. And whats the reason for not going for a 6374 if its single drive ? Wouldn’t skyrocket the costs right ? I think its fine to put together a board out of decent components and sell it as a whole but I don’t like people that resell AliExpress stuff for double their price…

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None of my parts are coming from Ali express. I hand make the batteries, I form the enclosure myself(which I’m changing out the screws), designed it the way I would want a board. It’s not gonna be for everyone, but for those who want a similar board and want to save themselves the time of building this might me a good option.


I totally agree with you man. For now, at the early stages, I am using some parts already on the market. In the future I definitely plan to get custom everything done.

cut him some slack - enertion started with caliber trucks and hobby car esc’s It’'s better than most of those kickfarter fad boards.


I’m not having a dig, just a bit of constructive criticism. If you’re coming out with a product or a new business venture, you need something to differentiate from the rest… especially the DIY crew.

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From what I understood, VESC is no longer ‘royalty-free’ to use. The technology is, but the name isn’t

I like it I think it’s ok, probably the wrong area to post it tho, I make completes and I have I agree that u don’t really have that much of a differenciator, nice job tho keep it up


Sniff Sniff…Sniff Sniff Smells like Alextech


Now that you say it, makes sense… do you have a link to your YouTube channel?

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Well I don’t particularly recall Alextech having a useful Youtube channel either, so I guess that’s a plus :wink:

I did actually watch the build videos he made at the beginning of my esk8 education, and found them useful, maybe he will be legit.

@MikeBeard You’re pretty cool dude, best of luck. Your videos were useful to me and helped inspire me to build a board :smile:


I think this is the video he was talking about.


I’m not trying to be a dick. This is why I said what I said. And I’ll spell it out for those of you who don’t have a BS alarm like mine.

Saying you have a company doesn’t make it true when 90% of your build came from someone else.

Saying Your parts are hand made doesn’t make it true when all you did was soldered some cells and used a heat gun to form an enclosure and then just bolted your ebay and Torqueboards parts together.

And it’s funny to me to see this on a builders forum for $799 when I know for a fact I could build that board for $450 (and here I’m being nice)


damn I watched you on youtube and that’s how I made my first board. Barely a month ago you were asking about BMS. Now you have a company. That’s really fast man. Good luck to you. In my opinion, I know you go to college. You should get your team of engineers and help you improve this board. One thing I definitely want on my board and able to ride thru rain and snow. I want to commute on campus just like you do and not have to worry about the weather. I think you should start targeting your CUSTOMER. Like companies like ENERTION is kind of targeting skateboard enthusiast, but really they should be targeting people who really needs it. I know people that lives in the DC area would love to have this board or NEW YORKERS.